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Sage 200 Enhancements - Summer 2019 Release

If the growth of your business is reduced by manual tasks, the new Sage 200 summer release can offer you vital features and enhancements to tackle these issues. The enhanced solution is integrated with Microsoft Office 365 enabling high engagement, expanding capabilities and providing infinite possibilities!

Challenges that come with the growth of a business, such as scaling and managing complex processes are solved by the enhanced Sage 200 update as it gives a superior offering to customers with several features as follows:


Be up to date with the new CIS Construction Reverse Charge - permitting tax code abilities and text on invoices. This follows new legislation for construction companies commencing 1st of October 2019. The solution also offers an MTD currency alert which produces an alert for customers who are not operating in GBP or EUR and is compliant with MTD (Making Tax Digital).

Microsoft 365 Flow

This feature allows for a notification to be sent via email requesting purchase requisition authorisation as well as a notification and audit log showing when a colleague changes the bank details of a customer. Authorisation flow will now set trigger points and send alert emails when a Sage 200 user performs an impactful action, which Sage found was a common request during their market research. Microsoft Flow also enables the potential of using other connectors on Office 365, collaborating various business functions and processes. Microsoft Flow identifies default contacts, keeps on top of transactions, and offers an extended document attaching functionality. This feature is advantageous for businesses to ease decision making processes and view the infinite possibilities of insights from their data. 

Microsoft Power BI

BI (Business Intelligence) is a business analytics service that transforms your data into interactive insights in real time for your business, allowing you to make fast and informed decisions. It allows users to create reports from multiple consolidated sources, transforming data into engaging visuals. The user can analyse data on-premise and in the cloud. Remittance can be put on a public drive. This feature is ideal for businesses to create opportunities, alleviate complexity, and expand the footprint on installation.

Microsoft Power Apps

A function to create purpose - built solutions for your own customers, industry, or even specific geographies, allowing drag and drop type technology.

Note:*integration to Sage 200 is available to customers with a current Microsoft Office 365 Subscription*

API Extension and New Onboarding

For line-of-business users, who are aware of their exact business needs, can now analyse, create, and organise data processes with ease using Sage 200 custom connector to link to Sage 200 via its API ‘Application Programming Interface’. 

* Thank you to Freya Whitmore who co-authored this blog with me, after a recent Webex by Sage.

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