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Sage 200cloud Help Series: The Home Page & Favourites

What is the Home Page?

On version 2015 of Sage 200cloud the home page was introduced, this underutilised feature along with the existing favourites functionality helps you find the options you use Sage 200cloud in the most efficient way day to day.


If you have used the favourites option on any previous version of Sage or on the 2015 version of sage this extends the functionality to allow these favourites to be organised on the main screen and tailored to you or a role rather than the extensive menu. Like the example below:


  • From the Sage Menu, right click on a regularly used item and select add to favourites

  • Click on the favourites Star icon 3.jpg to view the items added 
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit 4.jpg
  • You'll now see the folder home Page favourites 
    • From here you can right click and create folders within the home page (E.G. SOP / POP, ETC)
    • Then drag and drop the items you have added to the favourites into these home page favourites folders
    • Click on the 6.jpg to close the edit screen.  
    • Click on the Home Button in the top left of your Sage Screen7.jpg
    • Then on the main Sage 200cloud screen select home page favourites


NOTE: You can also see from here the 'Frequently accessed' option, this changes day to day based on your Sage 200cloud work history and over time builds up a list of the most used options on each day of the week. 

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