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Sage (200) Help Series: 'The set of nominal transactions is incomplete'

BY Derek Taylor |

08th April 2016 |

Help Series

This week's help series blog has come about given a number of enquiries into the support desk.

This message below appears because the transaction you are enquiring on is unbalanced and there are a few reasons this can occur within the Sage system.


The transaction is a batched posting on the system and a single entry made in Sage 200 system will post to several different URN numbers that when grouped together will balance but separately will be unbalanced. Looking at these types of transactions within the Enquiry screen will show the message above. This is acceptable in the system and not a problem but tracing the transactions back is not an easy thing to do.

How can I stop this?

Start by turning off batch postings within the Nominal Accounts.

You will then need to amend each nominal account one by one and ensure the “Use Batch Postings” is unticked.


If you do not believe this is the case in the system for this instance then you may have a partially posted transaction on the company.

To resolve this you will need to run the balance ledgers option on the nominal to look for any imbalances.

NB: DO PLEASE REMEMBER TO TAKE A BACKUP before running this routine.


Select the option to run for NOMINAL and click on OK.

If the system finds any imbalances it will post a balancing transaction to the suspense account.

You will then be able to create a nominal journal to remove the offending balance from the Suspense account to the correct nominal account.


Checking the trial balance should now see your system in balance.

There is one other circumstance where we have seen an imbalance arise and that’s when a Cash Book Posting is made with one of the Nominal Splits being given a future date and so the one part of the transaction is showing in the Nominal, whilst the other is in Deferred (waiting to be posted).  In this instance, the system forces a balancing posting (to the Suspense Account), during an update, to ensure there is no imbalance, and correcting journals need to be manually processed thereafter.

As always please do feel free to get in contact with our support team if you have any further questions.

Derek Taylor

Sage Support & Consultant