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Sage 200cloud Help Series: Creating a Copy Company at Financial Year End

Recently on the support desk we have been asked about backing up the system.

This guide is designed to allow a Sage 200cloud customer to create a clone company, for reference and backup purposes, before completing the Sage 200cloud Financial Year End.

It is standard practice within Sage 200cloud to create a year end copy dataset for reference and backup purposes, prior to running the year end. This allows for reports to be run after the year end has been completed on the live dataset.  It is especially important, with Sage 200cloud, as the P&L transactions are deleted within the Year End Process.

1) Before beginning this procedure you should ensure that within your company dataset that all periods within the current financial year are closed and all processing within the company is finished.

To close periods, Login to Sage 200cloud and Navigate to:


Before proceeding ensure all users EXIT Sage 200cloud and remain out of sage until all steps on this document are complete.

2) Login to the sage 200cloud online portal ( )

From the list of companies select the appropriate company and click on the backup icon.


At the prompt, Confirm yes to create the backup.


At this stage the backup request will be placed on the online queue. You can monitor the progress from here:


Once the backup has been completed, you will see it on the available backups list from the restore option:


Click on the restore button and select DOWNLOAD from the latest backup made as shown on the list of On-Demand Backups:


This will download to your local PC a .Zip file, Extract this zip file to see the .BACPAC file contained therein.

Rename this BACPAC files to <Company Name>_YE_<Financial Year> for example AcuitySolutions_YE_2015.BACPAC (Note No Spaces in the name).

3) The BACPAC file can now be uploaded to the online portal.


Select Add Bacpac and browse to the .Bacpac file you renamed.

Once the file has uploaded you will need to load the Sage 200cloud Administration app on your local pc.

START > ALL PROGRAMS > SAGE (UK) LTD > Sage 200cloud Administration

Select companies from the left hand menu and right click on the white space on the right hand side and select ADD NEW COMPANY FROM BACPAC


Within the POPUP enter the appropriate company details and select the bacpac file you uploaded.


Click on CREATE to finalise adding the company.

4) Once the above process has been completed, you will need to allocate users to the new company as required. 

Please make your own checks to ensure the Clone Company data is an exact copy of your Live company data.

5) You are now ready to run the Year End within your LIVE dataset.



Tick all three boxes followed by OK to start the Year End Running.

You are now ready to continue working and allow users back into Sage 200cloud.

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Franco Mosca

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