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Sage 200cloud Help Series: How do you refresh data in a BI report?

In order to run a BI Report, you will first have to create a new Data Warehouse using the Sage 200cloud BI Admin utility, which you will find in All Programs > Sage Tools > Sage 200 > Sage 200 Business Intelligence as below:

Once open, you will see listed the name of the company you want to create a warehouse for. To create it, click on that company, and click the “New Warehouse” button. 


Next you will see this screen, fill this in and press OK.


Then you get this screen: 



Now Press OK.


You can create the scheduled task for nightly cube refresh later as a separate exercise.


When finished it takes you back to this screen, and please note you have now created the warehouse and it is ready for you to run the BI reports.


If you now log into Sage 200cloud – into that company “Marek” which you created, you can now run a BI report – just go into “Business Intelligence” in the left menu > Finance > Balance Sheet Analysis: double click to open , and Excel will open the report for you:


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Marek Golinski

Sage 200 & X3 Support