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Sage 200cloud Help Series: Sales Order Processing - the removal of rights to take orders & invoices off hold

Introducing our new help series where each week, we will be releasing a blog on each of the Sage products we offer. This week we will be discussing Sales Order Processing on Sage 200cloud (formerly Sage 200). 

We have had a number of calls on Support where users can override the credit hold, on invoices and orders.

To remove this ability – firstly, the option needs to be adjusted, as per the screen shots below.

Please go to : Sales Order Processing > SOP Utilities > System Set Up > User Permissions.

Click on the user, in the list, that is to be edited.


Deselect the option, in question, as shown in the screenshot below.

Then, to ensure this change cannot be amended freely, the SOP Permission Screen can be removed from the menu.

To remove this for a User – the role will need to be edited via the Sage 200cloud System Administration.

Open Sage 200cloud System Admin.

Check the roles the user has been assigned (bear in mind these may be linked to multiple users).


The following dialogue box will open – go to the “member of” tab.

A new role can be created, if required, and if it is to be user specific.  Alternatively, edit the existing one(s).

Go to Roles and select the relevant role, right click, and then select “Features” from the menu.

Go to Sales Order Processing > Advanced, as per screen shot below, and Unselect the User Permissions Box - to remove the access for the role.

When the user logs back in – the menu option should no longer be visible.

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