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Sage 200cloud Help Series: the Spooler

Where’s my Report?

A common call to the support line for new and old users of Sage 200cloud is “I’ve printed XX report and nothing is happening” the usual reason for this is that Sage is newly installed / re-installed and no selection has been made to the output mode, as a default the system will set the output to Spooler.

What’s the Spooler?

This has been available since the early days of Sage Line 100 and allows users to choose 1 of 3 defaults for the output option when creating any Printable items.


PRINTER                 Sends items directly to the printer

PREVIEW                Shows the item you have selected to print on the screen*.

*Use with care as once the report/document is closed on this mode it’s gone and cannot be recalled.

SPOOLER               This saves any item you have selected to print directly to the Print spooler. Items stay in the print                                         spooler until they are deleted. (Space permitting)



To access this option, Log in to Sage 200cloud as you normally would.

Sage Versions up to 2013R2 Select: FILE > CHOOSE OUTPUT MODE

Sage Versions from 2015 Select:spooler_2.png   from the top right corner and then CHOOSE OUTPUT MODE


Sage Versions up to 2013R2 Select: Print report from the top of the screen


Sage Versions from 2015 select:  The print IconUntitled.png from the top Right corner or Select the Spooler Queue from the Menu ACCOUNTING SYSTEM MANAGER > Spool Queue.



From the Spooler you can VIEW / PRINT / EMAIL or DELETE the spooler file. Selecting VIEW will provide further options.


Possibly the most useful option here after print is EXPORT. Providing options to allow interaction with various other software.

For those familier with Report Designer the edit option is available to customise the report.

TIP: To view a file in Excel export to "CSV Files(*.CSV)" not Excel as this formats the files without merged cells.

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