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Sage 200cloud – Winter Release

BY Andy Saltmer |

25th February 2019 |

Innovation, Sage 200cloud

With the Sage 200cloud Winter release upon us, we wanted to take the time to remind you of the brilliant features that were released in the 2018 summer version.

- Cross Selling Item

- A Suggested Items screen that enable preferred items, recently and frequently ordered items

- Customer Alerts

- Skype for Business and Google Maps Integration

Stay tuned for future updates where we will be reviewing the latest features in the Winter Release.

Let’s have a look at some examples of the features…

Cross Selling:

Cross Selling can be used to speed up the sales order process, enabling users to quickly add complimentary items, that are usually sold together to sales orders.

Stock Item Record:

A cross selling tab exists against the stock item record, allowing users to add additional items to the main product record.

S200 blog 1

Sales Order Entry:

When adding a sales order line, a new button has been added to the footer of the screen that allows a user to access the cross selling items that have been configured against the ordered stock item.

S200 blog 2

This launches a new screen, where a user can enter cross selling item quantities, which in turn automatically adds them to the sales order, when clicking the save button on the screen.

S200 blog 3

S200 blog 4

Suggested Items:

Suggested items can assist customers in speeding up the sales order process, as items that have been previously bought can be quickly added to the sales order. A new button has been added to the ‘Full’ sales order option, called “Suggested Items”, allowing users to see items that are specific to the ordering customer.

S200 blog 5

Suggested items include the following:

- Customer preferred items

- Items recently ordered by the customer

- Frequently ordered items

It is worth noting that users can choose to enable one, a selection or all of the three options mentioned above, depending on the customers’ preference.

Customer Alerts:

With the Sage 200cloud summer release you’re now able to configure alerts against customer accounts. These alerts display on screen messages whenever users deal with that customer. For example, if you have a customer that has a specific requirement, a reminder message can be configured to be displayed each time a new sales order is entered for them.

Alerts have been added to the customer record, as shown below.

S200 blog 6

There are multiple options available with regards to alerts and when they are to be displayed int eh system, meaning we’re able to display a specific message when entering an invoice, but perhaps we require a different message when entering a quotation or a credit note.

Skype for Business Integration:

Users of Sage 200cloud can now contact their customers and/or suppliers using Skype for Business directly through the software. A Skype icon has been made available next to the email address field.

S200 blog 7

Clicking this will attempt to open a Skype conversation with the person assigned to the email address that is configured against the account.

S200 blog 8

NB – This only functions when using Skype for Business and does not work if with standard Skype accounts. If the user attempting to perform this action does not have Skype or Skype for business installed or a valid account, then a warning message will be displayed.

It is worth noting that whilst the detail described here relates to the customer and supplier account function, this functionality is also available in the order processing modules.

Google Maps Integration:

Users are now able to view customer and supplier addresses in Google Maps, directly through the application. A Google Maps icon has been made available against the customer/supplier record, as shown below.

S200 blog 9

Clicking the icon will open Google Maps, allowing the user to view the full address in a browser.

S200 blog 10

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