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Sage Enterprise Management Help Series: How to change the logical date

At times you may find you're getting the below error as you log into Sage Enterprise Management. It is just an informative message and will not stop you from logging in and working in Sage Enterprise Management.

This message occurs when the system date also known as the logical date exceeds the end date parameter defined in Sage Enterprise Management.

To clear this error message, go to Parameters> General Parameter> Parameter Values> SUP Supervisor and open the current folder

On the DEF line, click on the actions icon and select Detail

Go to the end date line and change the end date to a future date.

Some companies change this date to align with their fiscal years and so make this change as part of their year-end procedures.

You are able to future date it to beyond your current fiscal year end, if that is what you'd prefer.

 You will be able to log in without seeing this error.

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Franco Mosca

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