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Sage Enterprise Management Help Series: How to create a return and do a credit note for it

In this week's blog I'll be showing you how to create a return and do a credit note for it.

Returns are done from the menu: Purchasing > Returns > Returns

Click “New”

The return lines can arise from a receipt and:

  • Be automatically initialized from the receipt lines selected from the left list.
    • Enter Site number and select the left list section “Receipt selection”. All receipts for this site will be displayed.

It can be filtered by supplier as well.

Select the receipt and line number(s) that needs to be returned. To select, click on the block next to the receipt number in the left list where a tick mark will appear. By selecting the receipt the details will populate in the return’s detail lines. Quantities can be changed.


Click create.

Be entered manually. In this case, it will be necessary to manually specify the receipt number and the line number concerned. 

  • When doing a return, on the detail lines you have the following fields with drop down options: 


In the reinstatement field you have the options:

  1. No = Do not do anything with the PO
  2. Yes, Same Line = Make the original line in the PO available to receipt again, but only the quantity that has been returned.
  3. Yes, Other Line = Create a new line in the original PO available for receipt.
  4. Yes, Other Order = Create a new PO.

In the Credit Memo Hold field you have a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option.

  1. Yes = You are expecting to do a credit note. Where an invoice has been raised against the receipt, it is yes by default.
  2. No = You are not expecting to do a credit note. Where an invoice has not been raised it is no by default, but you can override this and make it yes.

Once the line details are entered, press the validation button on the bottom. Thereafter you will not be able to make any changes to the return.

When the stock accounting interface is run, the journal for the return will be created and the postings done.

Creating the Credit Note from a Return 

Credit notes are done from the menu: Purchasing > Invoices > Invoice control

It is the same screen as invoice entries but the difference is the invoice type which is normally set up and could be named specific to your company.

Click “New” and enter the site number (and supplier).

Below is an example of the credit note/ return invoice type. 

From the left list section “Return selection”, select the return transaction that should be credited. Once all the details have been entered on the credit note, it can be created and posted.

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