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Sage Enterprise Management Help Series: Reversing a Payment

As with our other help series blogs, I have focused on an issue that is fairly common on support. Hopefully this helps and do feel free to get in contact with myself or any of my colleagues if you would like any more information. Always happy to help!

If you have ever discovered you've made a mistake on a payment which you've already posted, this is how you solve the problem:

To reverse a payment in the A/P-A/P Accounting module, open the payment you need to reverse and choose the Options> Accounting Cancellation on the right hand menu.

reversing a payment

When the next window opens. Press OK.

Ideally, when doing a reversal, you want it to be posted on the same date as the journal you are reversing. To achieve this, leave the accounting date blank when doing an accounting cancellation and the reversing journal will have the correct date.

The payment can now either be deleted or amended accordingly before posting it again. 

reversing a payment 2

A log file then opens with the reversed journal number.

reversing a payment 3

This is as the reversed journal inherited the date of the original journal.

reversing a payment 4

When compared to the original journal you can see now it has been marked as reversed.

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Franco Mosca
Franco Mosca

One of the leading Sage Support Specialists in the UK and at Acuity Solutions