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Sage ERP X3 V7 New Features

BY Emily Hooper-Taylor |

23rd June 2015 |

Sage ERP X3

With the release last year of Sage ERP X3 v7, one of the main questions we are being asked by our customers is, “what are the major differences between earlier versions of Sage ERP X3 and V7”

So here in no particular order are the main reasons why it’s important to consider an upgrade to V7 as part of your IT and business strategy in the coming 12 months:


Browser flexibility

No longer will your Sage ERP X3 system be tied exclusively to Internet Explorer. The program now works with a greater number of browsers such as Safari.

If you’ve been running X3 on a PC this whole time, this probably won’t affect you. For those users who are Mac based and also use Chrome, this provides a significant enhancement. There is no longer the need for a terminal server or windows emulator - you can simply fire up your Mac, open Safari and log in to Sage ERP X3, no need for an app.



The Sage Sales App has been available for some time now in various forms, but that requires an iPad and has limited functionality on a phone. Since Sage ERP X3 version 7 can run on a variety of browsers now, it is possible to run your company on essentially any device. The Sage ERP X3 toolkit allows you to configure your windows and screens for mobile visualisation, which means you can now have access to your X3 system on the go. Here are some of the devices you can now access your company data on:

  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • Galaxy S4
  • LG G2
  • iPad
  • other Android tablets




User Experience

Here at Acuity we are pleased to see that Sage ERP X3 version 7 looks the same on every device you use. Not only does it have a slick new look but it is incredibly intuitive and very easy to learn.

The feedback we have received from early adopters of version 7 is that the product is now so easy to use that they can get new employees up to speed within two days—this is a huge timesaver, considering how complex many X3 sites are.

One of the main reasons that it is easy to learn is because the information is set up like web content. The new look includes hyperlinked data, a universal search function (like Google for your ERP), and you can even personalise and then save your favourite/most used “pages” as bookmarks. Sage ERP X3 version 7 just makes sense.


Make faster decisions

V7 is now equipped with fully customisable dashboards, offering graphical views of key performance indicators, meaning you and your users can make faster and better informed decision based on real time information.


Microsoft Office Integration

With stronger integration to Word, Excel and Powerpoint you have the advantage of being able to stay in the Sage system, thereby negating the need to switch between screens or applications. When you are using the new Microsoft Office toolbar you can::

  • Insert charts and tables into Word files.
  • Mail merge using templates for more effective customer communication.
  • Export Excel data or create a direct link between your data and workbook.
  • Import Sage X3 data and charts into PowerPoint and easily refresh with the click of a button for up-to-the-minute presentations.

A new Online Document Storage feature allows you to save your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents directly to Sage ERP X3 using the new integrated toolbar. You can also drag and drop files from your desktop to be shared with your team or saved for later access.

Note: Sage ERP X3 Version 7 Office Integration is compatible with Office 2010 and 2013, plus Office 365 in Windows environments. Integration is currently not available for Mac.



Online Help Centre

Get access to the release notes, videos, and tutorials you need in the new Online Help Centre. Simply click on the Question Mark symbol in the upper-right hand corner of Sage ERP X3 to access up-to-date product documentation as well as powerful search tools to easily find exactly you are looking for. The online help portal will automatically detect your user profile and log you into the centre – no separate login required.


Google-Like Searches

One of my favourite new features is a search engine that allows you to pinpoint data and functions by searching partial and similar keywords. This new and powerful, built-in search provides you with a Google-like experience complete with comprehensive results and drill down features.

Search results are displayed in 2 parts:

  • Data Search displays detailed data classified by category
  • Function Search displays any possible matching functions.



Lastly, the new drag-and-drop screen personalisation features make it easy for everyone in your company to get instant access to the data they need, immediately. This means that everyone will be more efficient and consequently, your company will become more profitable.



Combined these are big changes that bring a lot to V7. As you would expect a big focus has been on usability, or in the simplist terms they are changes to make your lives as easy as possible. 

However, in order to give you the chance to go through these in more detail we will be in contact shortly to invite you to a workshop to explore the new features and hopefully see how it can help drive your business forward.

Emily Hooper-Taylor

Head of Account Management