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Sage Live...Back in the Kitchen!

BY Andy Draper |

21st 21 2017 |

Sage Live

It’s been a while since I was able to find the time to update the avid readers of my blog series on Sage Live and it’s evolution of late, but finally I find a short window of opportunity nestled between pan seared seabass and parsley-pepper new potatoes and a bottle of the finest Dezzani 2008 Barolo from time gone by.


So where are we now?

You may recall my original blogs where Acuity Solutions were at the top of the Nominal Roll  for UK Business Partners venturing into Sage’s new Cloud Based Domain; Sage Live, Opening the Box, Breaking the rules & Another Dimension.  Since then – in the infamous words of Fatboy Slim – we’ve come a long way baby.

Sage continue at a pace to deliver incremental version updates (Averaging approx. 3 per annum) to Sage Live and so far, have done a great job.  With each release, a plethora of functional capability is being delivered adding greater power and flexibility to the solution.

There’s been a hatful of innovative areas added to the capability such as Sage intelligence In the Reporting Cloud (SIRC) and Cash Accounting for Vat but the list of improvements is long and distinguished – a full list of features and release notes is available from for those already on the SFDC platform; for others interested in the full list of features speak to us here at Acuity Solutions.

For the SIRC piece, it’s possibly of interest to some to provide a little insight; it’s running in parallel with but not replacing Sage Ledger Analysis – it works along the same lines and already comes packed with out of the box reports ready to use and analyse your business data:



Found under the reporting area, the SIRC hyperlink will take you to your company reports.

Show Me Intelligence-1.jpg

From here you may run a standard out of the box report or create your own:

Report Examples.jpg

The standard reports come in languages commensurate with the appropriate Sage built Legislations (a collection of tax groups, rates and treatments) and can be simply configured to run by filtered dates and ranges:

Blaanve Sheet by Period.jpg

Shown below, a standard UK Legislation Balance Sheet by Period:

Report View.jpg

SIRC comes like all Sage Products with a ready reckoner and online help:

SI Help.jpg

But that’s not quite the quick-win you were looking for?  OK – so what else is new?

So returning to my original series of blogs, I’ve based this one on the Kitchen theme – where we first encountered Sage Live, we saw the upside down face of the cloud based accounting future – a ‘Tarte Tatin’ – everything layered on top of the Chart of Accounts via Dimensions and Dimension Data (tags).  Since then, we’ve begun to find the right words to describe these concepts and while my blogs go some way to achieving this, simply put – the dimension is a folder containing information that contains contents; those contents are tags and together add power to this type of solution.  For more details feel free to dive into one of my other blogs accordingly.

So whats new? The Recipe... 

While the underpinning ingredients remain unchanged – an application based on the worlds leading cloud based application layer –  - Sage kept the core ingredients from the original design and decided to spruce it up a bit.

More recently, additional ingredients bundled with Sage Live have included:

SIRC – a Good dose of this; weighed in equal measure with the native out of the Box report Enhancements.

Sage Live Service Status – 1 x Available Measure – this now reports the real time availability of Sage Live services following the Salesforce Node Status model to provide techies and anxious types with the ability to determine when services are available via

Services Available.jpg


The Welcome Page – while now a little dated to the initiated (at the risk of saying 12 months old is dated – but in this world it is), the one-stop shop for the most common transactions for busy people, the Welcome Page helps cut the clicks to getting the job done:


The Lightning Experience – Exactly that – based on skinning all applications on Salesforce these days, the new look and feel between screens remains a choice for users – some may wish to follow the classic view – others the Lightning view – here’s two of the same screens in each version (your home screen):





Feed Processing – Providing a massively powerful means of importing and processing data at the click of a button, create transactions based on:



On-Line VAT – Growing out of necessity, the VAT Online Submission is being introduced in Q2 17 – presently the simple one-click process will be followed with the option to login through the HMRC Gateway to submit your returns online:


Productivity – While Sage Live integrates with Kimble to provide two-parts of a three-way solution (for connected apps) and a complete solution for Kimble Stand-Alone clients who require Sales Opportunity Management, Professional Services Automation and Financial Management,  it also provides those less complicated and demanding customers with the ability to create their own projects (jobs), timesheets and employee management tools: 

Manage your Employees


Create and View tasks


Create and View / Manage Jobs

Job Config.jpg

And get the jobs running

Expenses Over.jpg

Manage timesheets


Ledger and Consolidations – And with added features come greater benefits.  Sage Live continues to allow greater financial management and control to be applied to your company group by allowing cloud based consolidations, shortcuts the requirements to creating ledger account statements and evaluating your ledger entries.

Ledger Analysis is now allowed to trigger custom notifications that you set to determine a possible course of action:

Alert 1.jpg

Set your alert predicated on a number of features:

N days.jpg

Set the n days to determine what to evaluate:

N days.jpg

Nominate the edger Account to be tracked:

ledger Exp Account.jpg

And all of this certainly begins to add-up. 

You’ve been waiting for that big deal to close; it gets signed, - you are mobile – but you know it’s going to hit that account real soon …  BINGO – ledger notification tracking on chatter, your mobile and other triggered alerts based on your criteria take the need away from calling-in – burdening staff and worrying about it. 

Sage Live continues to grow from strength to strength, allowing you to cut-out the labour intensive keyboard inputs, the ability to clone headers and deep clone previous entries, manage subscriptions and create repeat-entry Jobs in a sequence really do save time and effort – where time is money.

Feed Broker Rules – Allow us to hard-code logic into handling automated bank type and other feeds to create transactions based on key content (or triggers) and automatically create the journals relative to that information  for example – noting the reference number of your facilities management electricity bill can create the corresponding journal every time it appears on your bank feed removes the requirement to key-in the header and detail transaction; you can quarantine this for evaluation or simply allow to auto-post when you have the confidence it’s as is should be.

And that’s not all.  Of course, your time is precious and if you have got this far, simply skip to the end – call us – if you are interested in hearing more about what Sage Live can do for you – let us know – you can reach me or the team at Acuity Solutions via the links through the document.  If you're just an avid fan – thank you for getting this far – it just as important to know  what’s cooking than ‘am I going to eat it’; I’m sure you’ve all watched Master Chef thinking ‘that looks great’ but never intended to take a bite … so take care – I’ll be blogging again soon.