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Sage Partner Summit 2018

Back in #London now and these are my highlights from the #SagePartnerSummit, what do you think?

1. The evolution of the product. In a very short space of time we have gone from Sage Adonix (who remembers V3 btw...) to a complete and single global solution. #SageEnterpriseManagement #SageConsultants

2. The growth of the #SagePartnerEcosystem. Don’t miss out, get on board now!

3. Collaborations across divisions of Sage allowing the expansion and the globalisation of the product even more.

4. Extraordinary sessions and very inspirational keynotes. Thanks to all the Sage Executives - Luis Pardo CespedesJennifer Warawa, Nick Goode and Blair Crump and to all the Sage representatives and Sage partner’s speakers for your presentations. Special mention to Lisa Earle McLeod from McLeod and More Inc. and Philip Carter from IDC.

5. Good vibes & outstanding venue. Nice little touch Sage with the graffiti spreading the message #WinningTomorrowTogether. Looking forward to joining next years summit. In the meantime, I can’t wait to experience #SageEnterpriseManagementV12 asap!

Sage Summit 2018

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