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Sage X3 techtip, Office Addins Installation

BY Franco Mosca |

22nd April 2020 |

Acuity Tech Tips

It is possible for Sage X3 users to export data to Microsoft Excel directly under their web browser session, but to use this feature users will need to install Sage X3’s Addins for Office.

The Sage X3 Addins for Office installer is available through the Sage X3 web client. To access the install media please log into Sage X3 (via web browser) and using the navigation menu browse to ADMINISTRATION – UTILITIES – INSTALLATION and click on the link INSTALL ADDINS FOR OFFICE to download the installer. Once downloaded please run the installer and follow the instructions below – please note, uses may require administrative access or IT support to deploy depending on user restrictions;

Office Addin Install 1

At the Welcome screen click NEXT.

Office Addin Install 2

Click INSTALL to start the installation.

Office Addin Install 3

Click FINISH when prompted.


Franco Mosca
Franco Mosca

One of the leading Sage Support Specialists in the UK.