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Same shift, different day!

Same shift different day…

I once saw a presentation around “Same shift different day” and somebody suggested there was a well placed F !

However, the presentation stands out for me as one of the best and an aptly named titles.

Sage’s CFO 3.0 report suggests 63% of FD’s believe their business’ culture stops them from implementing automation.

To aid this, we often tell people to look at their own lives and how this has shifted to an automated cloud based lifestyle.

As a society we have shifted towards a convenience methodology for some time now. But in the last 10 years the shift has been happening every day. I was watching Gavin and Stacey ahead of the Christmas release and noticed the change in mobile phones. 10 years ago, the Motorola flip phone was all the want of my friendship group (who probably didn’t admit to taking a selfie and 'sliding into' only happened on the football pitch).

Yet in 2019 the whole world and terminology around our world has changed. SaaS is now in every industry, buying films, music or even office space is somewhat ancient.

The shift has continued, with best of breed, born in the cloud technology and accessed from any device through a browser. Seem normal? Think 6 years ago, using your iPhone 5, probably unlikely to be accessing much beyond news, social media and music.

So, how about finance? Well Barclays created their first mobile banking product in 2007. Most people have slowly shifted to using this service since. Yet companies using cloud based finance systems have had a slightly different experience.

Some have used a browser to access a server, some have used a browser to access a remote desktop to access a server. Some have used an application to share information across multiple instances of the same product on different servers, from your desktop. All have needed serious upgrade routines and struggled to keep up with changing technology.

No we are not suggesting ripping everything out and starting again, there are a lot of good reasons why people can take their time to migrate to a true cloud instance of software. But the shift is happening, one way or another.

So when Sage bought Intacct in 2017 everybody sat up and paid attention. A true cloud, born in the cloud platform that updates quarterly and has a single code as religion? That’s a big shift! Now released in the UK, we have a chance to shift with the times.

If you’d like to find out a little more, sign up below for our education session in our WeWork (SaaS office) On London’s Southbank by Waterloo station on the 12th of December.


James Mitchell
James Mitchell

James Mitchell at Acuity Solutions