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Selling Through Curiosity!

Over the last few weeks, myself, Cloudia (Account Manager) and Craig (Senior Account Manager) have been attending the Selling through Curiosity online sales training course run by the enthusiastic Barry Rhein. Following a 100+ page manual with different concepts and examples of how we can sell through curiosity, we have taken part in role play and interactive group activities whilst also learning effective note-taking skills and even created and presented a sales deck to an example customer. It's been interesting to see how each session, people within the groups have got more comfortable with the role play to the point where asking open ended questions has become a habit. We've also had a chance to listen to a few group members sharing their success stories  where they have applied what they've learnt in sessions to their real working life. 

Earlier this week, we had our last training session and so thought it would be interesting to hear what we thought about the course, what we learnt and how we think this will benefit us in our day to day work.

Cloudia Harding, Account Manager

'The training course has given me a chance to really think about the structure of our sales process and build on and practice techniques to improve the way we communicate with our customers.

Before it started, I was unsure how they would manage the interactive role play elements, however the platform the training is run through provides a straightforward way of interacting with everyone involved. Putting the skills i have learnt into practice during the breakout sessions has been a real highlight for me and given me the opportunity to speak to and learn from such a diverse range of Sage colleagues from around the world.

The questioning, note taking and presenting skills have become much more natural and will really help in establishing a deeper understanding and better partnerships with our customers.'

Craig Roshier, Senior Account Manager

'Teasing out information to allow us to understand what the customer needs and their own process that they will follow is a key part of our role in Sales. I think that many of us tend to ask the right questions when speaking with clients or prospects, what the STC course highlighted was that we aren’t always asking those questions in the right way!

The sessions we had with Barry were fast paced, energetic and there was even homework to do (It’s been a while since I was set homework!). I came away feeling that the course was extremely worth the time we had dedicated to it and I have already implemented some of the techniques that we learned into my day to day interaction with my clients. '

Vanessa Reid, Marketing Executive

'I've found the course very interesting and unlike any training I have been on before. The interactive group training has enabled us to practice sales techniques and ask open ended questions to the point where it has become natural. 

I have a better understanding of how our Sales Team work and interact with our customers as well as becoming more aware of any challenges they may face. From what I learnt on the course, I can adapt our Marketing campaigns & strategy to better support the Sales Team with engaging with our customers.'

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