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Tarshen Govender joins the Acuity Team!

Here at Acuity, we are excited to announce that Tarshen Govender has recently joined the team as our new Sage Support Consultant. I wanted to take the opportunity to hear about Tarshen's views and visions for Acuity.


Q1. Why did you join Acuity?

'I loved the great family vibe of the company, it was only when I left that I truly appreciated Acuity, firstly the importance of working for a company that shares the same values that you do and also how happy I was at Acuity… I’m glad to be back.'

Q2. What will you bring to Acuity?

'My positivity and excellent Customer Service. Many years of experience in the industry which hopefully will result in some Happy Clients.'

Q3. What attracted you to Acuity?

'Knowing that I would have a great team behind me and also knowing most of the Team already knew I would be coming back “Home”.'

Q4. What are your first month objectives?

'To re-establish connection with old customers and also introduce myself and get to know the new ones.'

Q5. What are you currently excited about in your new role?

'Very excited about seeing the new changes to the Software and just getting back into the swing of things.'

Q6. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

'Family definitely takes the number one spot, I spend most of my free time with my little son. Just trying to enjoy the time with him while I can, I’m sure not too long from now he’ll be off having adventures of his own.'

Look out for our next blog in our Humans of Acuity series where we will be talking to one of our Sage Support Consultants, Warren Paulsen.

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