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The Account Management Team: Knowing Our Customers

Knowing Our Customers

I have recently joined the Acuity Account Management Team. This is going to allow us to concentrate on understanding our customers in a much greater capacity.

As mentioned in the previous Account Management Blog  we are currently broadening our solutions portfolio and will be conducting research to understand each business and its operations to the fullest- the aim of this is to allow us to contact the right people with the right information.

We will personally contact and gather the relevant information and individuals within your organisation from the Human Resources through to Sales.

The information to be gathered will be very helpful to us, in a sense that we will be able to identify solutions which can benefit your broader business requirements without compromising current systems in other departments. Even though we mainly supply solutions for finance systems and work very closely with Finance Departments we think it is important to take the time to understand how your business operates and how we could potentially support you more.

Our focus in the Account Management Team is to ensure that all of our customers are looked after to the highest standard and we strongly believe that conducting the said research will help us improve our current level of care and advisory.