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The Brewery Dream - Expanding Efficiently with ERP

For the everyday layman a brewery is a mystical thing, one of great beauty even. We look and we wonder at the brilliance of such things; the shiny steel and copper, the wondrous odours, the free tasting and the sheer scale. Next we reminisce, considering our youthful days of alcoholic experimentation. The months that the shower was forsaken as the bath was full of home brewed beer. At the beginning a noble sacrifice, in the end a regrettable decision.


But what happens when the bath expands? When great vats appear, tea towels are replaced with filtering machines and old Strongbow bottles are transformed into huge bottling plants.

Despite the rather colourful introduction, this is how many breweries come into existence. It is love first, money second and as such it is vital that we look to protect and support these businesses.

All companies should and often do consider ERP software. If you are reading this it is more than likely you are interested in the possibilities.

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For those that don’t know ERP is effectively the software that supports your company. It covers everything from HR, project accounting, foreign legislation and currency to manufacturing. The latter often being the most relevant to the brewery industry.

In our experience, many companies, breweries included have recurring issues. For example, companies often end up with numerous systems running simultaneously yet not communicating. Thankfully there is a simple and obvious solution to that which could result in saving huge amounts of time and money in one all-encompassing solution.Sage-200-2015-Feature-Wheel

Another good example that we have often come across is the inevitable growing pains. In regards to the drinks industry this can involve moving from outsourcing distribution to bringing it internally. If said company is using a basic accounting system such as Sage 50 then they invariably need to upgrade and take advantage of the stock control module.

Complexity and disorganisation adds up rapidly, the ability to control different units of measure efficiently is vital. Accurately working out your bill of materials can be key too.

(Sage 200 is just one option in our diverse Sage portfolio)

All of these issues conspire together to cause significant problems and without a system that supports the individual company the fabled brewery may fail to reach its true potential, worryingly depriving the Great British public of our national drink.

Considering your options is the only sensible course of action.

Michael Bulman

Sage enthusiast and Acuity advocate.