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The History of Sage ERP X3

BY Michael Bulman |

27th July 2015 |

Sage ERP X3

Thanks to Sage we have access to an interview with Sage ERP X3 Evangelist Dominique Bopp, Chief Architect for Sage software for the last ten years who was previously employed by Adonix for 22 years.

As such he was there at the beginning, the beginning of the Sage ERP X3 journey. From this point on I'll hand over to the man himself:

"Well, it is a long story, so let's tell it from the beginning.In 1979, a small company was founded in Paris, France. The name of the company was SPEMI (Société Parisienne de Micro-Informatique), which can be translated by "Micro-computing Parisian Company ".

This company already worked on accounting, sales and purchases, payroll, and accounting packages on a proprietary system (on SORD computers, SORD being a Japanese computer company who started to build multi-user micro computers before even the Microsoft revolution). By the way, SORD was an acronym for "Soft Hardware".


SORD was acquired by Toshiba, it became obvious for SPEMI that we would have to move on a more open systems, and we chose UNIX, because the last computer SORD launched was running on Unix System V. UNIX was for us the most promising OS for the future. Running on Windows came a little bit later, so we avoided all the first poor versions of Windows ( before 3.1).

But on UNIX at that time, we couldn't find a toolset that was good enough to allow us to rewrite our software. Informix was there, but their development tool was not done to allow other partners to add safely personalization on a standard software. So we decided to write our own tool, and we called it ADONIX, acronym of "Accès aux DONnées sous unIX" (French), witch can be translated by "Access to Data on UNIX".


A first ERP based on this platform was built (Adonix Entreprise V2), with a full coverage (distribution, accounting, paroll, except for manufacturing).

The company ADONIX started to grow, and decided in 1997 to become international. At that time, we acquired the company PRODSTAR, vendor of an ERP called Prodstar 2 (abbreviated P2), that already had a manufacturing module but was based on microfocus cobol, and we decided to build the future ERP with a full coverage (manufacturing, finance, distribution), based on the Adonix technology (with a heavy investment on it), including the features of P2 missing in Adonix V2.


So if you build together P2 and Adonix V2 to create a new product, the product you will create will have an internal name that might be X (for Adonix) 3 (version after 2). And this is the origin of X3. The name was an internal one, but it sounds well, it can effectively be interpreted as "the product that gives you 3 times more", and I think that this is what we always seek to do for our customers - give them 3 times more. Finally, this became the official name of the product.


After that, in 2005, Sage acquired Adonix, and Adonix X3 became Sage ERP X3.

Now, you know the whole story."

Michael Bulman

Sage enthusiast and Acuity advocate at Acuity Solutions