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What’s New in Sage Enterprise Management Version 12?

One of the key elements of the Enterprise Management Summit in Dubai was the official launch of Version 12. The headlines of this release focus on some exciting technical changes that will really help the system grow, and give it a base platform that offers great flexibility for the future.

There is also a new look and feel designed to create simplicity of design across any mobile or tablet device a user may want to connect with. My colleague, Sergio Paulino, has written about some of these changes and his blog can be found here.

However, I’d like to spend a bit of time to look at some of the functional changes that have been included that can offer some real benefit to different users. There are too many to cover all of the new features here so I will focus on two of the key items.

Probably the biggest addition is to expand the use of the Project Management module. This module was originally designed for use in a production environment where it could manage the project elements of a manufacturing process. This functionality has now been expanded to allow the module to be used to manage any type of project in a business.

Whats new in V12The core project management functionality provides the ability to manage projects, budgets, ownership etc whilst also integrating with many other standard areas of the system to ensure the introduction of the module doesn’t require major changes to the way the system is used. It offers the ability to define a project, set budgets and estimates of cost and then track costs and revenue through the system against those budgets.

It also offers the ability to capture ‘non purchase’ costs such as time and expenses, either via traditional screens or from a mobile device. All of which can help to analyse the true cost or profitability of a project.

Whats new in v12 2

The graphical scheduling capabilities also allow for a company to manage internal and external resources availability and commitments to a project as well.

whats new in v12 3

Another new module can really assist businesses who deal with stock and products. This is the introduction of the Non-Conformance module.

This enables incidents of ‘non-conformance’ to be managed through a corrective and preventative process to really assist the management of business risk. The module offers the following key benefits:

  • Key personnel can be assigned to the incident that can challenge and determine if a 'deviation' or failure has been identified. They can record findings from their root cause analysis as well as provide input for any corrective actions.
  • Users who are authorised for involvement in your 'corrective and preventive' process can ensure the technical impact of the corrective and preventive actions are quality tested and approved to ensure the business risk is managed and minimised.
  • The corrective and preventive actions can be adapted where necessary to respond to changing business requirements or further root cause analysis. This really helps to ensure unauthorised or unintended deviations can be prevented in the future.
  • The idea of this module is to follow three simple items; identify a non-conformance, take actions to deliver the corrective action and create preventive actions to eliminate the cause of the non-conformity or 'deviation' in the future.

These are just two of the bigger changes but there are many others alongside lots of small amendments that can really help to provide a more efficient business process for users. Please contact us for more information and we will be happy to arrange a demonstration of the new version if you would like to see some of these items in action!

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Mark Cohen
Mark Cohen

Mark Cohen at Acuity Solutions