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Have you outgrown spreadsheets for budgeting and planning?

Sage Intacct Planning could be the answer to your problems.

We are excited to introduce you to Sage Intacct Planning, an intuitive cloud planning solution that eliminates your reliance on uncontrolled, inflexible, unsecure spreadsheets and replaces them with a real-time single source of financial truth for agile and confident decision-making.

Turn your planning efforts into a strategic advantage the entire business can use to make better, faster, more informed decisions for growth.

Sage Intacct Planning benefits

Intacct Planning has all the planning features you need for planning, budgeting, what-if scenario modelling, reporting, and so much more. And with spreadsheet-like formulas, best practices, and pre-built functionality, it’s fast, easy, and affordable to get started.

The automated connection with Sage Intacct Core Financials syncs your financial data, dimensions, and account structures from your GL to your plans and forecasts, enhancing every step of your financial planning and analysis process.

Sage Intacct Planning

Sage Intacct Planning Benefits

  • Intuitive design and intelligent tools make it easy to deploy and use, no admins required.
  • Intelligent planning wizard syncs your chart of accounts and actuals data from the GL and guides you through the planning setup process step by step.
  • Driver-based modelling, what-if scenarios, and rolling forecasts let you see the impact of key decisions and quickly course-correct.
  • Engage your non-finance business users in the planning process in a way that builds trust and accountability.


Download our Guide to Sage Intacct Planning

If you would like to learn more we have a free datasheet you can download here.

Get your planning back on track - Download!

If you are looking to save time, increase collaboration and see the full financial picture join us for our Sage Intacct Planning demonstration on Thursday 13th July at 12pm. Register here.

If you have any questions about Sage Intacct Planning or any other Sage Intacct queries please give us a call on 01932-237110.