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Sage Intacct Case study Acuity

Just Digital is a UK-based digital printing company, specialising in providing high-quality printing services to businesses across various industries. The company has embarked on an ambitious growth strategy. However, they faced significant financial challenges due to their outdated accounting software, Sage 50. Their financial processes were disjointed, unintegrated, and lacked the necessary capabilities to support their expansion plans efficiently. To overcome these obstacles and streamline their financial operations, Just Digital sought a cloud-based solution that could integrate seamlessly with their existing systems, improve reporting capabilities, and enable efficient departmental P&L tracking.

Read on to see how their successful transition to Sage Intacct positively impacted their business…

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Challenges Just Digital Faced before Sage Intacct

From the outset and project discussions we worked with the Just Digital team to understand the challenges they were having when using Sage 50, what they required from a transition to Sage Intacct and the impact it would have on the business if they did not upgrade.


  • Unintegrated Systems: Just Digital was using Sage 50 without any connection to other solutions. The lack of integration made it challenging to consolidate data and caused inefficiencies in their workflow.
  • Performance Issues: With a significant number of transactions, Sage 50’s performance was suffering, impacting the company’s productivity and overall financial management.
  • Data Accessibility and Audit Logs: Just Digital lacked real-time access to critical financial data and audit logs, hampering their decision-making.
  • External Invoice and Inventory Management: The manual management of invoices and inventory externally added complexity and required better integration capabilities.

Why Just Digital chose Sage Intacct and Acuity

To address their financial challenges and facilitate growth, Just Digital conducted a thorough evaluation of various accounting solutions. The company’s management and finance team identified specific criteria that the new system must meet. Among the reasons they chose Sage Intacct and Acuity Solutions were:


  • Seamless Integration: “We needed a cloud solution that could seamlessly integrate with our existing systems, and Acuity and Sage Intacct demonstrated they could delivered exactly that.” – Luke, Finance Manager. This feature addressed Just Digital’s need for streamlined and interconnected financial processes.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Budgeting: “Sage Intacct was the front runner for us when it came to departmental reporting and budgeting. It was the right choice for our organisation.”– Luke, Finance Manager. Sage Intacct’s robust reporting capabilities aligned perfectly with Just Digital’s requirements for better financial insights.
  • Time-Saving Sub-Departmental Reporting: “The key driver that made the decision for us was the sub-departmental reporting feature in Sage Intacct. It has been a huge time saver for our team.” – Luke, Finance Manager. This feature provided the much-needed efficiency boost in their financial operations.

Benefits gained with a transition to Sage Intacct

The transition to Sage Intacct with Acuity Solutions resulted in significant improvements for Just Digital:

  • Streamlined Processes: Integration of Sage Intacct with other internal systems eliminated manual workarounds, resulting in streamlined financial processes and increased productivity.
  • Improved Performance: With Sage Intacct’s scalable cloud-based system, Just Digital’s financial performance and efficiency improved, allowing them to handle increased transaction volumes.
  • Real-time Access and Audit Trails: Sage Intacct provided real-time access to critical financial data and robust audit logs, enhancing decision-making.
  • Integrated Invoice and Inventory Management: The integration of invoice and inventory management within the system simplified workflows and reduced errors.
  • Efficient Departmental P&L Tracking: Sage Intacct’s robust reporting capabilities allowed Just Digital to efficiently track departmental P&L, gaining deeper financial insights.
  • Faster Month-End Processes: The month-end process time was reduced from 12/13 days to just 6 days, significantly improving overall financial management.
  • Transformed Reporting Capabilities: Sage Intacct enabled instant access to reports for management, facilitating data-driven decision-making throughout the organisation.

“Since implementing Sage Intacct through Acuity, our experience has been excellent. Acuity’s project management was top-notch, and their consultants were knowledgeable and delivered on time.” – Luke, Finance Manager. Acuity Solutions’ commitment to excellent project management and support solidified their decision.

With Sage Intacct and Acuity Solutions, Just Digital achieved their goal of efficient and integrated financial operations, positioning them well to achieve their ambitious growth targets and succeed in a competitive market. 

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