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 Our Sage Intacct customers are approaching the new tax year with confidence, automating their workflows and utilising on-demand insights. Read on to discover how Sage Intacct helps customers conquer tax management with confidence..

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Easier Data Collection

Gathering receipts, chasing missing paperwork or invoices and spreadsheet overload are things of the past for our Sage Intacct customers; they’re using Intacct’s centralised platform to capture and categorise financial data as they go. 

Automatic integrations with existing business systems and real-time updates are ensuring tax-relevant information is readily available all in one secure location – making those dreaded last-minute frantic searches a thing of the past! 

Simplified Reconciliations

Sage Intacct automates accounts payable and receivable, saving users countless hours of manual labour. Automated workflows enable customers to review and approve transactions quickly, keeping financial records accurate and tax-return ready. 

Watch our Sage Intacct Bank Reconciliations video demo by clicking the image on the  right.

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Customisable Reporting

Insightful financial reports are vital for tax calculations and planning. Utilising the wide range of customisable reports available in Sage Intacct enables customers to quickly generate accurate summaries of income, expenses, tax liabilities and more along with valuable insights for tax optimisation opportunities. 

Intacct’s budgeting tools provide a further boost, allowing users to forecast future tax obligations for easier cash flow management. 

Watch our video overview of Sage Intacct:

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Internal and External Collaborations

Whether collaborating with internal colleagues, external auditors or accountants, Sage Intacct makes communication easy and secure. Data can be shared via permission-based dashboards accessible via any internet-connected device, eliminating the additional work of sorting and exporting data and sending emails, streamlining communication across the board. 

One Acuity customer easily integrated with the finance team of their underwriting partners through migrating from Sage 300 to Sage Intacct with us, read their story below:

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Compliance with Confidence

Complex or changing tax regulations aren’t easy to navigate, but with Sage Intacct’s in-built features such as audit trails and user-permission controls, financial data remains secure and regulation-ready. The risk of errors is reduced, allowing Intacct customers to focus on growing their business with confidence. 

Proactive Financial Management

Beyond the faster tax filing process Sage Intacct facilitates, the platform empowers users to gain on-demand deep insights into their financials across the entire organisation. 

Leveraging historical data combined with real-time reports helps them identify opportunities for tax-optimisation all year round. Taking this proactive approach often helps businesses take full advantage of available deductions and credits, leading to money savings and improved cash flow. 



Why choose  Acuity as your Sage Intacct Business Partner?  

We have 25+ years’ of successful UK and international Sage solution implementations under our belt, with a friendly, professional, qualified team committed to your success!

We provide:

  • Fixed price services on all projects.
  • Ongoing support and training.
  • Flexible payment options, such as milestone billing and Direct Debit.
  • Regular updates and communication.

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