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Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is fast becoming indispensable to successful businesses. From creating integrated marketing campaigns to managing ongoing relationships, at Acuity we help our customers to get the best from their CRM solution.

Getting close, and staying close, to your customers

Many organisations have a contact management solution, often driven by the sales team, but true CRM goes way beyond simple diary management. Turning prospects into long lasting, profitable customers, CRM ensures that everyone in your organisation knows what is going on in every prospect and customer.

Building a complete picture of prospects and customers that everyone can use, in marketing, sales, customer service, and support, CRM builds excellent customer service into everything you do. Helping attract more prospects and build long term relationships, CRM drives down customer churn and drives up profitability.

One place for all your customer information

CRM eliminates duplication, reduces errors, and simplifies data management by ensuring that customers and prospects only need to provide information to you once for it to be available to everyone in your business. And by keeping everything in one place it becomes much easier for you to plan, identifying who best to target with sales initiatives, and maximising the effectiveness of your sales, marketing and customer services resources.

Excellence as standard

Creating an experience that keeps customers coming back requires deep knowledge of what they want. CRM builds a complete picture of each customer, strengthening your relationships, and making sure that customer service level agreements, for example, are always met. Helping you to focus on what you do well, and make improvements where necessary, CRM helps to drive down your costs while improving your customers’ experience.

Making sure nothing is missed

  • With CRM you can automate many previously manually driven processes. You can automatically route leads, for example, to the right salesperson, while sophisticated interactive processes with multiple steps and stages can flow seamlessly through your organisation. Freeing your people from mundane administrative tasks gives them more time to add value to your business, while you can be sure nothing is overlooked.

A solution designed around you

Our highly flexible CRM solution is easily configured and customised to your unique business requirements, while giving you a speedy return on your investment, and a low total cost of ownership. Quick to install and easy to use, you can be up and running within a matter of days, with minimum disruption to your day-to-day business.