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Sage Intacct provides exceptional reporting capabilities, enabling users to create custom, dimensional reports with just a few clicks of a button. In this post we’re sharing some of our customers favourite ways to customise reporting in Sage Intacct.




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What Causes Reporting Woes?

Businesses often grapple with time-consuming report generation due to manual data collection, disparate systems, data accuracy challenges, and complex formatting needs. Additionally, varying stakeholder requirements and evolving regulatory standards add layers of complexity, making efficient and timely report generation a significant hurdle for many organisations of all sizes.

Future-focused businesses are embracing digitalisation and the power of cloud accounting to simplify their financial management and create the reports they need as and when they need them.

Read on for five useful ways customers customise reporting in Sage Intacct and get the most out of their financial data…

1. The Custom Report Writer

Sage Intacct provides a flexible Custom Report Writer tool which allows users to create reports precisely aligned with their business requirements.  Customers can select data elements, define calculations and arrange the layout to visualise the data exactly the way they need and want to.

This level of customisation ensures users can create reports that provide the insights that matter most to their business.

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2. Personalised Dashboards

Customising dashboards in Sage Intacct enables customers to showcase key performance indicators (KPIs) and critical financial metrics relevant to their business. Widgets can be configured and arranged to present data in easy-to-understand visual formats, empowering decision-makers with real-time information for better and faster decision-making.

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3. Scheduled Report Delivery

Sage Intacct allows you to schedule the delivery of reports to designated recipients at specific intervals. This automation ensures that stakeholders receive crucial financial information without manual intervention. You can set up schedules for various reports, optimising communication and collaboration within your team.

4. Report Group

Efficiently organise your reports with report groups in Sage Intacct. Grouping related reports simplifies the navigation and access for users, making it easier to find and distribute the right reports to the appropriate individuals.

This feature enhances productivity and ensures that teams can focus on their specific areas of interest.

5. Interactive Report Viewer

Sage Intacct’s interactive report viewer allows you to delve deeper into your reports. Users can easily drill down to view underlying transactional details, enabling a thorough analysis of the data.

This feature provides a comprehensive understanding of the financial information presented in the reports in an easy to navigate format.

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