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Enterprise Resource Planning



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In an ever more competitive environment you need to continually find ways to manage costs and use your resources more efficiently. Our range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions will help you to streamline your business, making it easier to meet your customers’ needs and work more effectively with suppliers, driving down costs and increasing profitability. You may operate only in the UK. You may have suppliers or customers overseas.

Managing every part of your business

You may manage a multinational group. Whatever the shape or size of your business, our range of scalable and flexible solutions can help you to manage everything from manufacturing, inventory management, production and distribution, to finance, customer service operations, and project and job costing.

Reaping the rewards, without the risks

ERP has had a huge and positive impact on business, but many smaller and mid sized organisations can feel that it is a risky proposition, fearing spiralling costs and never ending projects. But a new breed of ERP solutions, designed by Sage specifically for the mid market, brings you the benefits of world class ERP, without the downsides. Easily customised with a low total cost of implementation and ownership, these solutions are quick to get up and running. Sage ERP X3 for example, can be implemented in just 30-40 days.

Bringing everything, and everyone, together.

  • ERP will help you to optimise both efficiency and profitability, whether you are a manufacturer, a service provider, or both. Letting you share information with whoever needs it, everyone will be working from the same information. And we can help you to share that information, real time and in total security, with your distributors, your suppliers and your customers. With ERP you can manage all the elements of your business using a single solution, which will help you to manage your costs, streamline your operations, and really know what is going on, everywhere in your business.

Building your unique solution

Whatever type of solution is best for you, on premise, online, via the Cloud, or a combination of these, we can implement it for you. Our team has expertise across multiple industries and in countries on every continent, so we can support you whenever and wherever you need us. You will have access to our consultants, project coordinators, and systems architects, and as part of the Sage Business Partner Network we can ensure that you have access to all the expertise you need to ensure that your solution meets your unique needs, and delivers the benefits you want from it.