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Aside from improved efficiency and greater insights, Acuity’s Sage Intacct customers are benefitting in some unexpected ways through using Intacct – we’re sharing them in this post…

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When choosing Sage Intacct, customers have specific objectives, such as automating repetitive tasks, gaining better access to data and consolidating financials across multiple sites or countries.

Intacct delivers all of these, along with some unexpected additional benefits – here are just some of the ways our customers say Sage Intacct is exceeding their expectations:

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1. New Reports

Customers know in advance upgrading to Sage Intacct is going to overhaul their reporting, with its’ dimensional reporting capabilities.. With 100+ built-in financial reports plus custom report-writing tools, Intacct customers are ditching Excel spreadsheets and utilising:

  • Being able to compare operational stats with financial metrics, across multiple-entities, no matter where in the month or period they are.
  • Drilling down into source transactions, gaining instant transparency at a granular level helping pinpoint exceptions and rectify issues fast.

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Improved Collaboration

By implementing Sage Intacct, customers know they can expect time-savings by automating repetitive tasks. They also know they’ll gain access to better visibility, thanks to customised Dashboards and real-time reporting.

A useful knock-on effect has been improved communication between finance and other teams, using some of their newly found time and insights to drive strategic planning.

Sage Intacct’s seamless integration with Salesforce enhances this further, with sales and finance teams able to view a complete customer picture in one place. Sales can access customer account data such as terms and payment history prior to preparing their quotes, and generate invoices without waiting for finance to provide information – speeding up the quote-to-cash process.

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A Cash-Flow Boost

Intacct positively impacts cash flow in a number of ways including:

  • Automating purchasing and payment systems, resulting in faster invoice generation and incoming payments.
  • Reduced risk of going over-budget on projects, with on-demand budget and project tracking to keep you on track.
  • Managing an increase in the volume of transactions without the system slowing down or more manual effort.

These are just some of the ways in which Intacct customers are seeing a positive influence on their cash flow.

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Identifying Trends

Sage Intacct’s reporting and dashboards provide more than just stats and graphs; customers are noticing it’s much easier to identify trends in consumer behaviour with real-time access to data.

Tools like Intacct’s Interactive Visual Explorer enhance this, allowing users to visually analyse financial data across multiple business dimensions.

Moving away from traditional ‘historical reporting’, our Sage Intacct customers are finding their decision-makers better positioned to identify potential opportunities or threats, and able to adapt accordingly faster than before.

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We’ve been providing Sage solutions for almost 30 years, delivering successful implementations for our customers globally. Here’s what we provide:

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