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In need of greater insight into your business? In this post we’ll explore how Sage Intacct gives you insight with real time reporting…

Data is a wonderful thing; it gives us the lowdown on the ins and outs of our businesses, helps us to plan, manage projects and understand performance.

Using the right financial reporting tool allows us to delve into the detail of our business, but it can be a time-consuming process exporting and analysing data into a usable format for your internal and external stakeholders.

And the more stakeholders there are, the more work is involved – Investors, Board members, Executives, Finance and other departments all require different information at different times – which takes time and concentrated effort.


information on demand - real time reporting

Information on demand with Sage Intacct Financial Reporting Software

Hands up if you’ve ever been put on the spot or caught off guard when asked for information mid-meeting that you didn’t (or couldn’t) get hold of in time…

You’re not alone. The manual process of exporting data from multiple systems into spreadsheets, then analysing it effectively before it’s of real use can be hindered by factors including:

  • Multiple versions of the same spreadsheet being used
  • A lack of dimensional reporting
  • Data corruption and errors
  • Lack of real-time reporting and poor data access

That need not be the case any longer – cloud-based Sage Intacct is a financial reporting software that provides real time reporting.

Data is accessible via internet connection, whenever and wherever you need it, ready to propel you into ‘Business Insight Guru’ status…

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gain insight with real-time reporting

Gain Insight with Real Time Reporting and Dashboards

Imagine a financial reporting tool that enables you to create intuitive dashboards, tailored to individual roles and responsibilities; from the CFO to your purchasing, sales and HR teams – everyone can access the information relevant to them in real-time.

With out-of-the-box functionality, from the word go Sage Intacct users benefit from predefined financial reports and dashboards gaining insights into business performance and KPIs without delay – saving up to 40 valuable hours per month on reporting and drastically reducing data accuracy checks.

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turn data into insight

Turn Data into Insight with Sage Intacct

To become your own business guru, you’re going to need to be all-seeing, all-knowing. Cue Sage Intacct reporting and dashboards.

Using a combination of components, including visuals like charts and graphs with customisable reports, with Sage Intacct you have the power to access a current view of key information at any time.

The deep reporting capabilities of Sage Intacct allow you to drill into the granular detail of all business aspects, so you need never miss out on an opportunity or trend as they arise.

Permission-based reporting and dashboards enable you to control access to reports, KPIs and business critical information, empowering the entire workforce with the information they need to perform and grow.

Slice and dice your data across multiple dimensions for different views without needing to produce individual reports – your finger is always on the pulse with Sage Intacct as your financial reporting tool.

What next?

At Acuity Solutions , we work together with our customers, helping them overcome their financial management software challenges.

We have lots of experience of implementing and customising Sage products (30 years worth) worldwide, and specific experience in Sage Intacct implementation across a range of industries.  

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