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Quickbooks vs Sage Intacct

As small businesses get bigger, their priorities often shift and their ambitions grow, too.

But without the right tools in place to help them achieve their goals, it’s near impossible to make any progress.

Here, we discuss 5 reasons why growing businesses choose to move from QuickBooks to Sage Intacct to help their business develop, grow and thrive.


Easy tracking of KPIs

KPIs – or Key Performance Indicators – indicate whether a business is functioning in line with its business plan and strategy, and in turn, whether it is on track for growth.

KPIs are vital for any business, and each individual department within it, to allow you to spot trends, compare to industry benchmarks, find insights within source data, and make better decisions faster.

For more complex businesses with multiple entities or locations, it is important to have visibility over consolidated data for all entities or locations, as well as being able to access metrics and insights for a single entity in the group.

With Sage Intacct’s financial reports, your business has the agility and flexibility to slice and dice the details that matter and send them to individual key stakeholders, so they can see what they need to see (and no more than that) with data shown and updated in real time.

When new questions arise, you can analyse operational and financial data easily, create custom reports and dashboards to keep up-to-date with the latest insights for your business.

Find savings and efficiencies

Today’s finance leader has to have their fingers in all pies; from tracking past transactions and business performance through to analysing data and creating a vision for the business moving forward.

With so much to do, the finance leader must know how to use resources efficiently and effectively to the benefit of the business.

As such, it’s important that finance leaders invest in streamlining and optimising finance processes to ensure long-term sustainability for the business.

Automating repetitive tasks, such as purchase ordering workflows, payments, and bank reconciliations will allow you to spend time on what matters to reach your goals and grow the business.

With Sage Intacct, finance teams can focus on working to the business strategy and drive growth to support the wider team. Click below to discover everything you need to know about QuickBooks vs Sage Intacct.

QuickBooks vs Sage Intacct Resources

Best-in-Class alternative to QuickBooks

Small and mid-sized businesses (or SMEs) often use solutions like QuickBooks and Xero in their early days.

However, as the business grows, so does its requirements and subsequently the limitations of these solutions.

It’s inevitable that these businesses will outgrow their solution, finding that…

  • Its processes are inflexible
  • There are data accessibility issues
  • It provides inadequate security
  • And its reporting capabilities are insufficient.

Ultimately, solutions like QuickBooks and Xero are simply not designed for scalability.

In comparison, Sage Intacct is sophisticated and yet still easy to use, and a fantastic alternative to QuickBooks for businesses that need added functionality and reliable, secure software.

As a native cloud solution, it provides anytime, anywhere access, uncompromising security, fast consolidations, multi-entity support, automatic currency conversions and intelligent revenue recognition.

Alongside its host of intuitive functionality, Sage Intacct has been ranked the #1 alternative to QuickBooks and #1 in customer satisfaction by G2.


Paperless automation and financial visibility

Business conditions are changing quickly, and we’ve certainly seen the effects of this in the last few years.

To stay on top, leading companies put in the work to ensure they’re ready to adapt and adjust with developments in modern technology and embrace automation.

The laggards, on the other hand, struggle with paper-based manual processes and out-data data, making it very difficult for them to remain competitive and thrive.

Which would you rather be?

With Sage Intacct, core processes are automated, reducing errors and eliminating the need for spreadsheets and paper-based processes entirely.

Sage Intacct also provides access real-time data and business performance insights for greater visibility, allowing you to put in the work for growth to climb the ladder and go head-to-head with industry leaders.

Improving work-life balance

Financial leaders are often guilty of working long hours and pushing their home and personal lives to the back burner.

And when a lot of these hours are taken up with repetitive, manual tasks and admin, the gap between work and life narrows further.

When the harmony of that balance is disrupted, personal wellbeing often takes a hit, too.

Believe it or not, even as a finance leader it is possible to regain that balance and put down those spinning plates.

With Sage Intacct, you and your team can work from any location, complete routine tasks more quickly, reducing stress and allowing you more time to spend at home relaxing with loved ones.

Take a look at our tips for improving work-life balance when working from home

Are you still using an entry level solution like QuickBooks or Xero?

If it’s starting to feel like less of a solution and more of a problem for your business, it’s time to look elsewhere.

QuickBooks vs Sage Intacct

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