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Give your accounting system a fitness assessment by asking these six questions…

If you’ve been using your financial management solution for a long time, there are probably ways it struggles to keep up with modern working demands.

That’s no surprise, given many accounting software solutions have been around since Daley Thompson won his first Olympic Gold (Moscow, 1980 if you’re wondering).

1. Does your finance management software stretch as far as your remote workers?

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the world into remote working, but were businesses prepared from an IT perspective? Most would say not, particularly if using an on-premises accounting software, requiring expensive hardware and IT infrastructure changes to enable them to cope.

If your working structure has adopted remote working on a more permanent basis, considering moving to a cloud finance management solution could be the support system you need.

True cloud accounting solution, Sage Intacct is a flexible solution that supports workers wherever they are with access to the system via web browser. Stretch the boundaries of your old system’s limitations with cloud finance software and eliminate the need for pricey hardware upgrades at the same time!

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2. Do you need your financial processes to sprint forward fast?

If your business relies heavily on manual processes, taking up significant time and effort, productivity and efficiency are bound to suffer.

Cloud finance software can accelerate productivity faster than Usain Bolt out of the box, through automating key financial processes and on-demand access to reporting and KPIs.

A recent study, found another cloud accounting benefit to be a more than a four times greater ROI versus traditional on-premises solutions.

With initial spending on average 65% below the costs of on-premises solutions, plus the elimination of maintenance and operating costs, it’s easy to see why cloud finance software adopters see higher ROI and fast payback times – with Sage Intacct users reporting payback in under 6 months!

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3. Are your key systems integrated?

Well integrated systems enable a seamless flow of activity – like the polished, perfectly executed display of a synchronised swimming routine.

Time spent working on disjointed systems and extensive use of excel spreadsheets is time that could be utilised on strategic planning and growth-fuelling activities.

Cloud finance software, Intacct features open APIs, allowing easy integration with hundreds of other widely used systems, such as Salesforce, unlike the costly, developer-led process with on-premises solutions.

How does this benefit a business? By cutting down the workload, freeing up time for the team to spend in other areas and via improved efficiency thanks to reduced manual errors.

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4. Does the team need self-service access to data?

Every sports team has its star player, and in the cloud finance software arena, it’s known as Sage Intacct.

The more independence you provide your people with, the better equipped they are to do their job well. Sage Intacct cloud finance software is empowering businesses to do this, through bypassing lengthy reporting processes and delivering on-demand data access.

From an internal perspective, providing team managers with real-time access into KPIs via dashboards helps them keep projects on track and know when to act on opportunities or identify threats.

Cloud accounting also allows you to provide board members, funders or even auditors with permission-based access to reporting and dashboards, building trust in your relationships and improving efficiency.

5. Want to show the red card to ineffective processes?

Did you know businesses are saving up to 40 hours of manual work a month and closing their books 80% faster since implementing Sage Intacct cloud finance software?

Sage Intact enables the automation of processes including:

  • The full AP process
  • Your entire purchasing process
  • Collections
  • Revenue recognition
  • Multi entity recognition

In addition to automating manual processes, Sage Intacct integrates with key systems (e.g. Salesforce) bringing your sales and finance team’s together with all your data accessible in one place.

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6. Do you plan to lunge ahead of your competition?

Whatever size your business may be, a true-cloud finance software provides access to the kind of world-class infrastructure you might have thought beyond your reach.

With vendors able to provide 24-7 operations, backups, unrivalled security and disaster recovery within their offering, you’re guaranteed superior levels of reliability, performance and security with Sage Intacct.

Getting and staying ahead of the competition becomes easier when you’re utilising the power of instant data visibility, workflow automation and world-class support.

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