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Changing your financial management solution is a big business decision, particularly when you’ve used the same system for a long time. In this post we’re sharing the journey of a London based Acuity Solutions customer’s journey in implementing Sage Intacct with us… 


The Customer

Operis are a London based advisory firm specialising in project finance and financial modelling expertise. With offices in London and Toronto, they faced financial management challenges using their on-premises solution and were seeking a solution with the ability to accomodate: 

Operis Required:

Operis needed to streamline their reporting and have the flexibility to write custom reports in-house.

With operations spanning four entities and two countries, Operis were relying on multiple bespoke systems and their accounting system to handle project management and managing employee timesheets using spreadsheets.  

Consolidating accounts involved extensive manual input, extracting data from various systems, leaving them vulnerable to manual errors and discrepancies. 

Compliance with UK MTD regulations was a challenge with their old on-premises software. They recognised the need for a modern cloud-based accounting system that would simplify the process and ensure compliance on an ongoing basis.

Operis wanted improved access to data and to gain real-time visibility across the organisation. Aware that real-time data access would help them make more informed decisions and create more accurate reports, they needed a system to help keep projects on track. 

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The Search

Operis’s Head of Finance researched their options, with the objective of meeting MTD needs and migrating to cloud accounting. Acuity Solutions were recommended by Sage, as the most experienced partner with extensive knowledge and one of the only UK partners who could supply their full range of ERP solutions. We also had hands on experience supporting customers with similar businesses in similar industries, making us a good fit to meet their needs. 

Our helpful Acuity team of Sage experts worked closely with Operis, taking the time to really understand their business, their unique challenges and goals and the finer details of their project.  

Sage Intacct route

The Decision

We delivered a Sage Intacct demo, enabling Operis to experience Intacct’s powerful functionality and extensive features. After evaluating Intacct and a number of other cloud accounting solutions, it became clear Sage Intacct was the right choice based on the company’s needs. 

Operis made the decision to select Sage Intacct, as this was the optimum solution to overcome their accounting challenges and support their future objectives. 


Sage Intacct Project Management

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The Process

A change in plans saw a shift from an initial phased implementation approach to a full solution implementation including financials and additional Project Modules midway through the process.  

Acuity’s Sage Intacct experts successfully managed to meet the original go-live date, ensuring the process was as seamless as possible with minimal disruption to operations. 

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The Results

Summarising their experience, Head of Finance at Operis recalled “Working with Acuity, we felt 100% supported throughout the entire process. They took the worry out of the project.” 

Within one month of going live, Operis saw benefits including: 

  • Consolidating data into reports 50% faster. 
  • Accessing the system remotely via any internet connected device. 
  • Reporting by units, individual projects and other dimensions in the click of a few buttons. 
  • More time to focus on data analysis with full confidence in their data. 

Analysing the results, Operis concluded “Thanks to Sage Intacct and Acuity, all our needs have been met and our processes have now been enhanced.” 

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A bit about us:

We’re Acuity Solutions, a leading Sage business partner specialising in Sage Intacct and Sage X3. Why choose Acuity as your Sage partner? 

Here are a few reasons our customers choose to work with us:

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