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If you could improve month-end close, how would that look for you? Let’s see how this can be achieved…

Like that time in Friends when Rachel drunkenly calls Ross and announces “and that, my friend, is CLOSURE.” we all appreciate the satisfaction that comes from successfully closing something down. (Although, in Rachel’s case she didn’t feel quite the same sober!).

In the world of finance, closure is a familiar and critical process we carry out monthly, quarterly and annually, often a time consuming and complex task that takes longer than we’d like to complete.

If there were a way of shortening the process and improving month-end close, how beneficial could that be for you and your business efficiency?

Let us introduce you to Sage Intacct – the best-in-class financial software, designed to streamline processes, improve efficiency and help your business achieve profitable growth.

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Want to achieve a month end process improvement?

Remember how none of the ‘Friends’ knew or understood Chandler Bing’s job? (apparently it was in ‘statistical analysis and data reconfiguration’ FYI).

Well, we think financial leaders responsible for the month-end processes would totally get it; it’s no easy task and takes (most would say) too much of their and the finance team’s time to complete.

improve your month end close process

While the actual close process varies from business to business, shared pain points around it include:

  • Having to rely on disparate systems across departments
  • Manual revenue recognition
  • Tracking multiple sets of accounts from multiple entities
  • A lack of integration within different business systems

We could continue, but if you’re still here, the chances are you could list your own set of month-end close process frustrations, right?

In the words of Mr Bing himself, “could it be” any easier?

To shorten and improve month-end close processes in your business requires a modern, flexible financial management solution such as Sage Intacct.

Discover why businesses are choosing Sage Intacct

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Ask yourself “How you doin’?” with your month-end close…

The first step to figuring out how you can improve month-end close and reduce the time it takes is to ask the Joey Tribianni favoured question of “how you doin’?” at the moment.

Establishing areas for improvement relating to your financial closing processes will enable you to create the roadmap for change.

process improvement

Do you want to?:

  • Have faster reporting on both financial and operational data?
  • Automate manual processes, saving your finance team hours of work?
  • Access data in real-time at any time, not wait until the end of the month?
  • Easily track and manage multiple entities, including multiple currencies?
  • Reduce month end close time by around 79%?

All the above and the power to improve month-end close processes become possible with Sage Intacct.

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Sage Intacct; It’s Your Lobster…

Recalling how Phoebe likened ‘mate-for-life’ lobsters to Ross and Rachel’s relationship, that’s kind of how Sage Intacct users feel once they take the plunge.

After choosing and implementing fully cloud-based Sage Intacct as their financial management solution, they’ve found the one they want to stick with – and for good reason.

Specific benefits that improve month-end close reported by customers include:

  • Reductions in month-end close time of between 70 – 90%
  • Payback on the licensing cost within 6 months
  • 40+ hours saved of manual labour (freeing up the finance team for other tasks)
  • Reduced audit and compliance costs

Pretty impressive? As efficiency freak Monica Geller might say “I KNOW!!”.

All in all, Sage Intacct is a savvy choice of financial management software for businesses looking to improve month-end close processes and shorten the time it takes.

What next?

At Acuity Solutions , we work together with our customers, helping them overcome their financial management software challenges. 

We have lots of experience of implementing and customising Sage products (30 years worth) worldwide, and specific experience in Sage Intacct implementation across a range of industries.  In choosing Acuity as your Sage Partner, you can rest assured that ‘we’ll be there for you’ when you need us.

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