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Operating with separate General Ledger (GL) and Purchasing systems often means spending increased time on manual data entry and slow financial reporting. Sage Intacct users are integrating their GL and Purchasing with impressive benefits – read on for more details:


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Fast, Efficient Worklfows

GL and purchasing integration automates time-consuming tasks, such as invoice processing. Using Sage Intacct, purchase orders automatically trigger corresponding entries in your GL, automating data transfer that saves countless hours while eliminating the risk of human error. 

Read how one Acuity customer, overcame challenges in managing a rapid increase in orders by upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage Intacct with us –  read their case study below:

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Seamless Data Flow

Discrepancies between purchasing records and your general ledger are inevitable when relying on manual data entry. Integration between the two ensures seamless data transfer between systems. All information, from purchase orders to invoices and payments, flow automatically, guaranteeing data consistency and integrity.  

Financial reporting becomes more accurate and faster, with visibility into your business financial health available on-demand. Watch an overview of Sage Intacct Dashboards & Reporting below: 


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Enhanced Insights

Real-time data synchronisation means you have instant access to critical information, like outstanding invoices, purchase order status and expenditure trends – no more waiting for month-end reports! 

Making informed decisions about cash flow management, inventory control and budgeting become easier and more successful utilising Sage Intacct’s enhanced insights. 

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Reduced Costs

The tedious process of reconciling accounts payable becomes streamlined with GL and purchasing integration. Sage Intacct provides a clear audit trail for each transaction, with automated matching of purchase orders, invoices and payments.  

The need for manual reconciliations is greatly reduced, saving valuable time and resources for your finance team, translating to reduced operational costs. 

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Stress-Free Compliance

All purchase-related transactions have a clear and consistent auditable trail when using Sage Intacct, making maintaining accurate financial records simple. 

Any risk of errors or compliance-related issues are greatly reduced, along with compliance-related stress for the finance and wider organisational teams! 


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