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Learn how to create budgets manually within Sage Intacct in this step-by-step post…

Creating budgets is a straightforward process in Sage Intacct. Here’s our step-by-step guide, including a video tutorial, on how to manually create budgets in Sage Intacct:​

Prefer to watch the video? Click on the box on the left to watch our 3 minute demo of Creating Budgets Manually.

How to Create Budgets Manually in Sage Intacct

Login to your Sage Intacct account then navigate to the budgeting module to begin the process. of manually creating the required budget.


  • Go to Applications then select General Ledger
  • In the All tab, select Budget Repositories (or the + sign)
  • Go to Add then enter the relevant budget information
  • Create New and Save.
  • Select the account then add the relevant details; inventory, department, customer, value, location (and other dimensions you wish to add if applicable).
  • Enter the period and the budget amount (and add a note for that budget if required).


Define different budget scenarios to account for various financial situations, such as best-case and worst-case or expected scenarios. Sage Intacct enables you to create multiple scenarios to analyse and compare different budgeting outcomes.

This is a useful feature which helps businesses plan for every eventuality, adapt to potential threats and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Having the potential outcomes at your fingertips promotes confidence in budget creation and helps you stay one step ahead of the competition!

You have now successfully created your budget in Sage Intacct.

If there are lots of lines for the budget you are creating, importing it from your excel file might be quicker and easier. You can import the budget in this way by following these steps:

Go to Company > Set Up > Import Data

Find and select the budget template > Add the required information then convert your excel file to a csv file and import it into the system.


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