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Consolidating financial data is a pivotal aspect of successful financial management, particularly for multiple-entity organisations. In this post we’re delving into our top 5 features of Sage Intacct Consolidations and how it streamlines this complex process.

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1. Automated Consolidation Process

Sage Intacct simplifies the task of consolidating financial data from various entities by automating the entire process. Gone are the days of manually merging spreadsheets and struggling with data accuracy, the system automatically gathers and consolidates financial information in real-time from different departments, subsidiaries or locations. This saves significant time while reducing the risk of errors – providing a solid, data-driven foundation for decision-making.

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2. Real-time Data Visibility

A standout feature of Sage Intacct is without doubt its ability to provide real-time visibility into consolidated financial data. As transactions occur across different entities, the system updates the consolidated financials instantly, giving finance leaders a real-time view of the company’s overall financial picture. This timely data empowers decision-makers to confidently make informed decisions quickly, taking advantage of opportunities and minimising threats.

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3. Multi-currency Management

Organisations who operate in multiple countries can face challengers during consolidation. Sage Intacct eases this complexity by efficiently managing and converting transactions across various currencies. Not only are financials consolidated in the respective currencies, reporting can also be generated in a chosen currency, ensuring uniformity and coherence in financial reporting throughout the organisation.

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4. Customisation and Flexibility

All businesses are unique, as are their consolidation needs. Sage Intacct understands this, offering a high level of customisation and flexibility in its consolidation process. The system allows you to define consolidation hierarchies and rules tailored to your business structure and requirements. Whether your consolidation involves different entities, departments or cost centres, Sage Intacct can be configured to meet your specific needs, making it adaptable and scalable as your organisation grows.

5. Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

Consolidated financial statements are only as valuable as the insights you’re able to derive from them. Sage Intacct recognises this, providing an array of reporting and analytical tools. Users can generate detailed, consolidated financial statements, performance reports and variance analyses, allowing them to evaluate the financial performance of the entire organisation at a glance. These insights help in strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting, leading to smarter, faster informed business decisions.

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