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Acuity migrates from Sage 200 to Sage Intacct

We are pleased to announce that Acuity has gone live on Sage Intacct, having migrated from Sage 200 Cloud.

It has been a decision which was in some part accelerated due to the current environment.

Lee Whelan, Acuity Solutions’ CEO, explained:

“On March 23rd our entire business became remote workers overnight. We decided to push through with the implementation of Sage Intacct to move to a fully cloud finance solution. From decision to Go Live of phase 1 it took less than a calendar month”.

With the Senior Leadership Team’s help and Chief Product Officer, Mark Cohen, leading the internal review, it became clear that several factors had changed since our original adoption of Sage 200 Extra:

  • We did not have a single complete solution to meet our business requirements, with several un-integrated products in use.
  • Our business had changed from a project-based business to a contract-based business over the past few years with the change in buyer behaviour towards SaaS solutions.
  • Sage 200’s accounting structure had lent itself to miss posting because the dimensions are a fixed part of the COA. We wanted a system where more logic is allowed in dimensional rules.
  • We needed a system which wasn’t reliant upon developers or development when small changes were needed to support our business.
  • Our business has grown into multiple revenue streams, Sage 200 was not able to simply give P&L by revenue stream in enough detail to support decisions about the future of the business.

Mark Cohen went on to explain that “the processes we had at Acuity were heavily reliant upon Excel for enquiry purposes, and reporting needed a lot of manipulation before it was suitable to use.”

With this in mind, the decision was made to migrate the Sage 200 system into Sage Intacct.

Mark continued, “the obvious distinguishing factor eventually was that the system could be logged into whenever and from wherever we needed. As a business we are unsure when we will all be sat in the same room again, so the flexibility to login on any browser from anywhere made the decision easy.”

After a successful phase 1 project, Acuity are excited to continue the roll out of the solution to the rest of the business.

Lee elaborated, “With the Sales team using Salesforce to great success, and our Professional Service Team using multiple systems across the different business units, Intacct gives us the perfect solution to adopt a best of breed solution across the business.

“Phase 2, which has now already started, will see the impeccable Salesforce integration capability utilised to create contracts, revenue recognition and projects directly from the Salesforce opportunity.

“Then at phase 3, our services departments will be utilising the project management solution within the system to capture time and tasks to give us a true understanding of the project situation and profitability.”

As our phases continue to go live, we will share more details with you and spread the feedback wider to incorporate end users and their experiences throughout the projects.

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