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As the saying goes “failing to plan is planning to fail”! With 2023 fast approaching, in this post we’ll look at how cloud finance software Sage Intacct can help with business planning…


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The Problem with Planning

In a word; spreadsheets! Storing and handling data in spreadsheets serves a purpose, but it isn’t the most secure or user-friendly method of data handling.

Issues can arise when multiple versions of a spreadsheet are saved for example, or with broken formulas throwing a spanner in the works.

A plan is only as good as the facts and figures it’s based upon, so any discrepancies or inaccuracy with the data used can lead to wasted time, missed opportunities – and poor planning.

Imagine an intuitive solution, that securely stores all data in one convenient place, ready to be sliced and diced any way you want – sounds rather useful doesn’t it? Cloud native solution Sage Intacct gives you complete control over your data to be used however you need.

The 5 Spreadsheets to STOP using

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Planning, Perfected.

To plan effectively for the future, understanding past and present influences on business performance is key. Having reliable, timely access to your financial and operational data is essential to form a clear picture of what’s been working well – and where adjustments are needed.

Cloud finance software Sage Intacct delivers an outstanding level of insight into performance via customisable reporting tools and dashboards for instant visibility into what matters most.

Sage Intacct helps users perfect their planning through allowing them to:

  • Store and access all data in one central system.
  • Stop using inflexible spreadsheets for reporting.
  • Align sales and finance systems (like Salesforce).
  • Improve forecasting via scenario-modelling.
  • Facilitate collaboration between teams (with time saved through automation).

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Experience the Intacct Impacct

Planning limitations disappear when using best-in-class cloud solution Sage Intacct.

Decision-making becomes faster and sharper using Sage Intacct, with 24-7 access to your data, all within one single source of financial truth.

Meetings become more productive and dynamic with the ability to pull up ‘what if’ scenarios using Sage Intacct Planning – promoting collaboration amongst team members across all departments and locations.

Finance teams are closing their books up to 80% faster, averaging a 250% ROI and forecasting more accurately, more often with Sage Intacct.

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