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In this post we will be taking you through ‘5 ways to supercharge your project management with Sage Intacct’ to make your life as a Project Manager easier.

Using the right project management software can boost your project profitability and improve your customer satisfaction. Let’s get started…

A key part of project management involves accessing and analysing a variety of data, while simultaneously keeping track of the project status and costs vs budget, all within the deadline. 

The juggling act of a project manager is made that bit tougher by needing to extract data from multiple systems, which, by the time you’ve got it and combined into a usuable and readable format, might not even be relevant any longer! 

Project Management with Sage Intacct

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1. Easily Track the Right Metrics using Sage Intacct

Having the ability to access real-time data, without having to request it from the Finance department, provides the project manager with complete visibility of the project – anytime, anywhere. 

The customisable, permission-based project dashboards Sage Intacct offers save valuable time, by getting the right information to the right people at the right time – resulting in a stronger ability to react to changing circumstances as they arise.   

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2. Project Profitability requires Detailed Analysis

Project profitability relies on accurate data, so that the relevant people can make decisions and take the necessary actions to steer the project to success.  

A cloud financial management system such as Sage Intacct provides unmatched visibility and detailed control – eliminating manual errors or data duplication issues. 

As a project management software solution, Sage Intacct allows the user to access real-time data and reporting – whenever and wherever they need it – via web browser access, and to drill into minute detail via hyperlinks – time to say goodbye to spreadsheet overload! 

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3. Promote Teamwork and Collaboration through Empowerment

Having the right project management software can be of help by equipping team members and departments with information that is role and task-specific.  

Sage Intacct provides powerful, customisable permission-based reporting and role-based dashboards, arming the workforce with the tools and information they need, as and when it’s needed.  

Labour-draining manual processes can be automated, freeing up hours of time your team can put to better use in driving the project profitability forwards. 

4. Gain a True Understanding of your Project Costs

To determine project profitability, you need an ongoing picture of the accurate costs throughout every stage of the project. 

Whether you’re checking on billed and unbilled revenue, actuals vs budget or direct and indirect labour costs, Sage Intacct provides real-time access to all aspects of the project and overviews via project dashboards – enabling you to identify where adjustments are needed and make decisions armed with accurate, current knowledge. 

5. Switch from Manual to Automated Processes

Imagine the productivity increase amongst your team (and the business overall) if you could relieve them of the manual processes they spend hours doing each week or month – how could that time be better utilised? 

Or what if your project management software seamlessly integrated with your Salesforce CRM system, allowing you to import a project directly without manual intervention – sound like a time saver? 

Removing time-zapping manual processes and automating them with Sage Intacct frees up your team’s valuable time, making it possible to switch the focus into growth-promoting business areas like strategic planning and forecasting. 


What next?

At Acuity Solutions , we believe in working together with our customers and in supporting you in achieving your unique business goals and overcoming challenges.  With extensive experience in Sage products and specific experience in Sage Intacct implementation in Project Management-rich industries, including Financial Services, Recruitment & Staffing Agencies and Marketing Agencies, we’re always on hand to discuss how we can be of help. 

We have over 30 years’ experience of implementing and customising Sage Software worldwide plus successful Sage Intacct implementation experience within the professional services sector.

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