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Growing businesses can transform their financial management from “spreadsheets of doom” into a “sky-high success story” using cloud accounting software Sage Intacct  With real-time insights and the magic of automation – Intacct gives users the power to soar above the competition! This post shares an overview and our Quick Guide to Sage Intacct.


What is cloud accounting? 

Cloud accounting is a modern financial management solution that harnesses the power of the internet to provide real-time access, flexibility and seamless updates – unlike on-premises accounting, which relies on physical servers and has limited accessibility. 

Read on for our Quick Guide to Sage Intacct – best-in-class accounting solution – and what it offers future-focused businesses:

Sage Intacct Quick Guide

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Quick Guide to Sage Intacct: 7 Key Points

The core financials module lies at the heart of Sage Intacct, serving as the foundation for managing an organisation’s financial activities. From general ledger and accounts payable to accounts receivable and cash management, Sage Intacct simplifies complex financial processes, offering real-time visibility into key metrics. 

With accurate financial data at their fingertips, finance professionals can confidently make data-driven decisions and optimise financial performance. 

Sage Intacct’s powerful dashboards and reporting capabilities enable users to visualise financial data in real-time. Customisable dashboards offer an instant snapshot of KPIs, allowing businesses to monitor financial health, track budget vs actuals and identify trends. 

In-depth reporting tools enable users to generate comprehensive financial reports, tailored to specific needs – ensuring stakeholders receive the insights they require to make strategic decisions. 

Sage Intacct is a dream come true for businesses with complex billing requirements, offering advanced billing functionality. With Intacct you can easily manage subscription-based revenue and recurring billing with automated processes. This streamlines revenue management, improves billing accuracy and ensures compliance with revenue recognition standards. 

Watch an overview of Sage Intacct Contract and Revenue Management here   

Project-based organisations can harness the power of Sage Intacct’s project accounting module to track project costs, budgets and profitability with ease. Monitor project progress in real-time, allocate resources efficiently and gain insights into project margins. 

By integrating project accounting with core financials, Sage Intacct facilitates seamless financial management across all aspects of your business. 

Sage Intacct is designed to integrate seamlessly with other essential business applications, like Salesforce  Whether it’s CRM, payroll or third-party software, integration capabilities ensure a unified financial ecosystem.  

This reduces duplicate data-entry, streamline processes and enables better collaboration across departments. 

Managing multiple entities can be complex, but Sage Intacct simplifies the process. With multi-entity management, businesses can maintain separate financial records for different entities while enjoying consolidated financial reporting. 

This centralised approach ensures better control over financial operations, eliminates data silos and promotes consistent financial management practices across the organisation. 

Check out our Top 5 Features of Sage Intacct Multi-Entity Management in our free article here 

Sage Intacct recognises different industries have unique financial requirements. As a result, it offers industry-specific modules tailored to meet these needs. 

 Intacct’s array of modules includes Spend Management, Contract Management, Multi-Currency, Time and Expense Management and more, which are ideally suited to meet the unique requirements of industries such as Nonprofits, SaaS, Marketing and Recruitment Agencies, Professional Services, Healthcare organisations, Hospitality and more. 

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Ready for more? 

Find yourself interested after this quick guide to Sage Intacct? Find out more about Sage Intacct’s powerful capabilities for your business: 

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