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Timely and accurate financial reporting is essential in today’s business landscape, helping you make informed decisions, improve efficiency and achieve profitable growth. Cloud accounting software, Sage Intacct, is helping businesses revolutionise their reporting processes in these 5 key ways


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1. Real Time Insights

Sage Intacct empowers businesses with real-time visibility into their financial data. It’s powerful reporting capabilities allow users to generate customised, permission-based dashboards, for on-demand insights into the metrics they need to measure.  

The dynamic visual data representation delivers instant insights into the company’s financial health, performance and trends. Decision-makers are perfectly positioned to make proactive, data-driven decisions promptly with a comprehensive understanding of the numbers. 


sage intacct r2 dashboard

2. Automated Reporting

Forget about data extraction, manipulation and endless formatting in spreadsheets, the entire reporting process can be simplified through automating report generation. 

Sage Intacct’s powerful and intuitive reporting tools allow users to create custom reports at the click of a button, drilling into detail on a granular level across any dimension needed. 

Reports can be scheduled to run automatically, so the latest information is always available to satisfy stakeholders on a regular basis while the team are freed up to focus on analysis and strategic activities, driving productivity and growth. 


The Power of Finance Automation

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3. Advanced Analytics

Going way beyond the capabilities of standard solutions, Sage Intacct offers advanced financial analytics to support informed decision making.  

With powerful tools for trend analysis, budgeting, forecasting and variance analysis, users gain deeper insights into their financial performance and are poised to identify patterns and spot threats – ready to take action at the right time. Intacct’s ability to model and simulate a variety of financial scenarios helps develop more accurate forecasts and optimise financial planning processes. 

Keen to discover more? Watch a Sage Intacct Demo on demand below.

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4. Reimagine Your Reporting

Whatever the specific or unique reporting needs of a business are, the customisable reporting framework Intacct provides comprises a wide range of templates, layouts and data elements to create tailored reports. 

The user-friendly drag-and-drop report builder eliminates the need for complex coding or IT involvement, and seamlessly allows creation of consolidated reports for multiple departments or entities. 

Watch a brief overview of Sage Intacct’s Reporting and Dashboards below.

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5. Stakeholder Satisfaction

Sage Intacct’s cloud-based infrastructure enables secure data sharing, with permission-based user access to real-time reports via the internet anywhere, anytime. 

Collaboration is made easy via automated workflows, assigning tasks and approvals to specific individuals or teams – streamlining the reporting cycle and ensuring timely, accurate delivery of financial information. 

Audit compliance becomes easier with Sage Intacct through easy tracking and monitoring of data and enhanced security features that enhance efficiency, data integrity and reporting accuracy, with users even able to permit external auditors and stakeholders with remote access to the data they need. 

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Sage Intacct Revolutionises Reporting By...

  • Streamlining Processes 
  • Offering Real-time Insights 
  • Ensuring Data Accuracy 
  • Automating Tasks 
  • Improved Analysis 


Acuity Solutions, Sage Intacct

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