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Sage 200: Fit for any business

Sage 200 can easily be adopted by any business to manage core functionality with either Sage 200 Standard, or customised and configured to fit your business needs with Sage 200 Professional.

Whether you need to manage stock, projects, manufacturing processes, customers (CRM) or payments, Sage 200 is ideal for any small-to-medium sized business that is looking to take the next step from their entry-level accounting solution such as Sage 50, Quickbooks or Xero.

We have lots of experience implementing Sage 200 across a number of industries, below are a few Sage 200 industries. Each project is unique so get in touch to discuss your needs.

general business

Sage 200 for General Business

Sage 200 is a perfect solution for any business that has outgrown their accounting solution or is looking to take their first steps into the world of ERP. Sage 200 empowers you to manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Typically suitable for businesses with a turnover of between £1m to £50m, or between 10 to 200 employees no matter your business sector. It is available in two versions – Standard or Professional – depending on your business needs and functional requirements.

If you are looking for a more advanced financial solution than Sage 50, Quickbooks or Xero, Sage 200 fits the bill. It allows you to track your financial performance in real-time. Its powerful analytical tools allow you to drill down into the details for advanced visibility to make better informed critical business decisions.

Sage X3 for Distribution

Sage 200 for Distribution

Whether you hold stock, resell products or manufacture goods, Sage 200 could be the right solution for you. It has fully integrated order processing and financial modules providing a full operation overview. Sage 200 enables you to quickly respond to customer enquiries and changes in demand.

Using Sage 200 for Distribution ERP will allow you to:

  • Respond and react to customer demand in real-time
  • Manage stock across multiple warehouse locations
  • Process all inventory movements using barcode terminals
  • Track products using batch or serial numbers for full product traceability
sage x3 for manufacturing

Sage 200 for Manufacturing

Sage 200 is great for manufacturing businesses – it is a powerful and intuitive system that gives you the ability to track status and costs at every stage of production. Mainly suitable for small-to-medium sized manufacturers it offers seamless departmental integration which provides you with end-to-end visibility and control.

It is packed with functionality that allows you to manage multi-stock locations, batch and serial number traceability and multi-level BOM structures (including raw materials, operations and labour).

For a small-to-medium sized solution it offers manufacturers with advanced functionality on a smaller budget to remain competitive.

Man in suit at desk on phone

Sage 200 for Professional Services

Sage 200 is perfect for Professional Services that fully utilise its project accounting functionality. Fully integrated and with complete web-based capabilities, Sage 200 enables your team to:

  • Record project time, expenses, holiday requests and purchase requisitions
  • Reduce administrative costs and time
  • Allocate costs and revenue transactions, manage purchases, update timesheets, and process expense claims
  • Bill accurately and confidently with a clear, detailed breakdown of project costs, minimising complaints and speeding up payments
  • Understand project performance with functionality that enables analysis of project progress, costs, etc to identify risks and opportunities, and make better-informed decisions

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