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Has your business outgrown Sage 50?

As an entry-level accounting solution Sage 50 is perfect for small businesses. However, it is inevitable that as your business grows you will outgrow Sage 50 and need more functionality.

As a current user of Sage 50, you will be aware of the powerful functionality that Sage has to offer. You have built your business using Sage and your team has become familiar with its functionality but frustrated by the limitations of Sage 50. It has done the job it was required for and taken your business as far as it can. But now you need something bigger, what’s next?

You need a solution that is going to match your ambitions and grow as you do, adapt to change as quickly as you need and provide bags of functionality to support the whole company. The natural progression for your business should you get to that stage is to upgrade to Sage 200cloud.

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What is Sage 200cloud?

Sage 200cloud is Sage’s mid-sized ERP developed for small to medium businesses that require a flexible solution that effortlessly meets their requirements. Sage 200cloud is the ideal ERP solution that gives you full control and visibility across your entire business

Created to support & accelerate growth, track your financials, and be accessible both from your desktop and on the go, Sage 200cloud is everything you need to drive your business to success. 

Discover more about Sage 200cloud

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Discover more about Sage 200cloud

Signs you need to upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200cloud

When do you know when you’re ready to make the switch from Sage 50 to Sage 200cloud? Every business is different and there are not a set of rules or reasons why or when a business should upgrade. If you feel that your existing system is not helping you achieve your goals or you are having to add solutions or create workarounds then you’re probably at the stage.

Here are some of the common signs we have heard from our customers who had outgrown Sage 50.

  • Business growth, need more users and functionality
  • Have complex business processes that need customised features
  • Ability to track stock in multiple locations, warehouses and bins
  • Trading abroad and require multiple currency capabilities
  • Require batch and serial number traceability to track stock
  • Increased transactions and users causing performance issues
  • Need more detailed reporting to effectively analyse business performance
  • Looking to reduce manual processes and data entry
  • Using multiple systems with no integration
  • Need a flexible accounting periods with more control
  • Access more industry specific functionality
  • Handling large volumes of data and getting performance issues – need for SQL database
  • Much more

Moving to Sage 200...

…you can take advantage of:

An increased number of users (up to 50 concurrent users & 100 web users), Analysis codes, transaction analysis and excel reporting.

In addition, Sage 200cloud offers finance teams a three tier nominal structure utilising costs centres and departments, and deep analysis of information with advanced Business Intelligence which enables you as a finance leader to make more informed and better decisions.

Want to see what Sage 200cloud can do for your business

If you are using Sage 50 and feeling the strain, Sage 200cloud could be your answer. If you would like a demo or discuss your needs click below and get in touch.

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Useful stuff about Sage 200cloud

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Sage 200 Guide

Sage 200cloud: Next level business management solution

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