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Billing complexities are common for businesses dealing with diverse revenue streams, recurring contracts and a variety of billing methods. Sage Intacct cloud accounting software helps you manage accurate and timely billing with its powerful features. This post highlights our top 6 features of Sage Intacct billing and contract management… 


So, why are some billing requirements more complex than most?

Certain business types have more complex billing needs for different reasons. Organisations such as those listed below require a sophisticated financial management platform, capable of managing their unique needs: 

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) companies with subscription-based pricing models and tiered plans. 
  • Professional services businesses with recurring, retainer contracts and complex billing arrangements, based on hourly rates or project milestones – these typically include recruitment and marketing agencies. 
  • Businesses who handle long term projects with intricate contract terms and milestone-based billing, such as Event Management businesses and IT Service providers. 

Read on to explore the 6 features of Sage Intacct billing designed to align with and meet these complex needs: 

1. Advanced Billing Flexibility

Sage Intacct provides unparalleled billing flexibility, allowing businesses to accommodate diverse billing methods effortlessly. Whether you charge clients through subscription-based services, project milestones or time and materials, Sage Intacct’s advanced billing functionality can handle it all! 

The system is equipped to manage complex billing arrangements, such as varying billing schedules, revenue recognition and deferred revenue, ensuring accurate and compliant billing for each unique scenario. 

2. Automated Revenue Recognition

Organisations with multi-element contracts, recurring revenue or subscription-based services will find automated revenue recognition is their dream come true. 

Sage Intacct automates revenue recognition based on ASC 606 and IFRS 15 standards, ensuring accurate recognition of revenue across various contract types. 

Real-time updates provide valuable insights into revenue streams, improving financial reporting accuracy and compliance. Click the image opposite to watch a brief overview of Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition.


3. Streamlined Contract and Subscription Management

Managing numerous contracts and subscriptions can become overwhelming. Sage Intacct billing and contract management simplifies the processes, allowing businesses to track contract details, renewal dates and billing terms seamlessly. This streamlines the invoicing process, ensures timely renewals and improves overall customer satisfaction. 

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4. Customisable Billing Rules and Templates

Every business has unique billing rules and requirements. Sage Intacct offers customisable billing rules and templates, enabling businesses to create personalised billing arrangements for each client. This feature saves time and reduces the risk of billing errors – enhancing customer trust and loyalty.

sage intacct billing automation

5. Automated Billing Processes

Manual billing processes are time-consuming and prone to errors. Sage Intacct’s automation capabilities streamline billing workflows, reducing manual intervention and increasing billing accuracy. 

Automating invoice generation, payment processing and reminders allows your finance team to focus on other, more strategic tasks and boosts collaboration. 

system integration

6. Seamless System Integration

Sage Intacct’s seamless integration with CRM systems like Salesforce, and other essential business applications adds a powerful dimension to complex billing management. 

Integrating customer account and billing data enables businesses to create a unified view of customer interactions, billing history and payment status – empowering your team with comprehensive customer insights, leading to better billing decisions and improved customer relationships. 

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