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Sage Intacct: Cash Management Software

For many companies, their basic finance management software is inefficient, incredibly limiting and prevents business growth.

Clunky processes mean your data is scattered across various systems and spreadsheets and all your time is spent keying and rekeying data.

The Sage Intacct Cash Management module is part of the Intacct Core Financials module. Cash Management is designed to improve the cashflow in your business by improving the visibility and timing of payments.

Using this module in conjunction with Sage Intacct’s financial management system can reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) by 25-50% to free up new cash flow and uncover overlooked sales revenue.

Why waste time? It’s time to put an end to painful cash management with Sage Intacct.

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Improve your cashflow with true cash management

Sage Intacct gives you a complete picture of your cash footprint and working capital. Where is the cash coming from? Where is it going? Sage Intacct shows a complete picture of your cash position.

Our cloud-based solution—designed from the start to focus on financials—gives you the flexibility and scalability to manage operating cash flow better, even if you have multiple general ledgers, multiple entities, multiple currencies, and multiple books.

When you need streamlined processes and greater visibility into the sources and uses of your cash—as well as strict controls—it’s time to find out more about Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct’s online accounting software can help you manage your operating cash flow more efficiently.

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Discover a pain-free cash management process

DFO was once like so many other companies, struggling to efficiently manage cash flow and finance processes with an entry-level finance solution – in this case, QuickBooks.

In this video, the company’s CFO discusses how switching to Sage Intacct made for a happier team, streamlined processes, enhanced controls and a leaner operation.

Watch to find out more.

Sage Intacct Quick Guide

Discover everything you need to know about Sage Intacct with our Quick Guide.

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Real-time visibility

Get a complete, real-time picture of your company’s funds and cash flows. Sage Intacct cash management shows you all payments and transactions across all chequing and savings accounts and credit cards and across  locations and entities. You see it all in real time, so you’re always in control of cash.

Another key to real-time reporting and analysis: a cloud based accounting solution that pulls in data from different entities and sources. This eliminates the time-wasting hand-offs, manual data entry, external spreadsheets, and the associated errors that can slow down your financial reporting.

Sage Intacct cloud ERP provides allows you to quickly create real-time reporting to analyse business performance.

Sage Intacct provides automated bank reconciliations

Make your cash management process easier with automated bank reconciliations. Save time, improve accuracy and pinpoint critical errors, fast.

In just minutes, you can automatically import statements (bank feeds) from your financial institutions and automatically reconcile your chequing, savings, and credit card accounts. Sage Intacct makes in easy to spot exceptions, manage bank errors, monitor for fraud, and maintain accurate cash balances.

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Day-to-day cash activities in real-time

Sage Intacct gives you flexibility your business needs. Apply payments to accounts not tied to an invoice or record POS payments not applied to a single customer. Use the bill-focused payment cycle and transfer funds across accounts to locations and entities right when you need them. And what’s best – you see it all in real-time, so you’re always in control of cash.

Internal Controls

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See it clearly

Improve visibility into your entire finance picture

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Strengthen controls

Increase control by automating complex cash-management processes

accelerate proceses

Accelerate processes

Save hours by streamlining processing

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