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Sage Intacct for Marketing Agencies

Let Sage Intacct take care of the finances, so you can focus on your clients!

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Running a marketing and advertising agency can be very demanding, especially when trying to meet the expectations of your customers.

Therefore, having a financial management solution at the centre of your operations, uniquely tailored to your specific needs is key.

Sage Intacct is the perfect solution for marketing and advertising agencies, automating the repetitive financial tasks so you can focus on building your agency, landing new clients and providing the best service possible to existing ones.

Flexible and intuitive true-cloud financial management

Sage solutions such as the best-in-class, true-cloud financial management software, Sage Intacct, allow you to track your campaign and project costs, bill your customers accurately, and allocate vendor spend all in one easy-to-use system.

You can also access real-time data at project level through dynamic reporting to make faster better decisions that impact profitability.

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An all-in-one finance solution that gives you...

Many marketing and advertising agencies operate across multiple entities, in multiple currencies and across multiple projects, making the accounting and reporting processes more complex.

With Sage Intacct, accounting is simple, with all entities and currencies taken care of in a single screen, while reports can be configured and generated with the click of a few buttons.

Manual consolidation of accounts across entities and currencies is a headache waiting to happen and open to human error.

Use Sage Intacct to take care of consolidations automatically, resulting in fast month-end close.

Invoicing within Sage Intacct takes seconds, and documentation is sent out automatically to clients once approved in-system.

Say goodbye to never-ending email chains for approvals, client communications and query management.

With Sage Intacct you can log and access all internal communications with your team, and external communications with clients all in one place.

Experience quicker, more accurate invoicing for improved cash flow. It’s win-win.

Create and manage each individual project in one system, share and access detailed information with your team and gain greater visibility into project accounts.

With Sage Intacct, you can reduce internal back-and-forth for queries and information retrieval, allowing you to respond to customer questions faster and improve overall customer satisfaction.


With Sage Intacct’s insightful reports and real-time dashboards, you get instant visibility of your agency’s performance, allowing you to spot problems, progress and areas for improvement at a glance.

Make better data-driven decisions for insight-led strategy and greater business growth.

It can be difficult to adjust your business strategy without clear visibility of how your agency is actually performing in comparison to your budget.

Sage Intacct’s clear reporting provides you with the understanding you need in an instant for easier and better-informed decision making.

Is vendor invoice allocation causing you pain? We’ve got you covered!

Sage Intacct makes the billing process swift, simple and oh so pain-free. With a vendor invoice allocation process that takes just seconds, you can cut your billing time down drastically and focus on what matters.

Sage Intacct provides the insights required for you to carry out an improved analysis of spend, billable time and resource alignment.

Take control of your project costs, see where improvements can be made, and ensure your clients are always billed accurately and on-time.

Acuity Solutions

Why Acuity?

At Acuity we understand the accounting challenges of operating a marketing agency, having helped similar businesses to track projects, bill customers accurately and report more effectively.

Our experience of working with marketing agencies combined with our knowledge of Sage cloud accounting software has enabled us to help their finance teams to spend less time in spreadsheets, and more time planning for new projects, new service lines, staffing and much more.

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