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True Cloud Accounting Software for Recruitment


As a finance professional within a recruitment/staffing agency, do you finding it increasingly challenging to track the costs of your projects and contracts? Do you also struggle to bill your customers promptly and report effectively in real-time?

Recruitment agencies we speak and work with consistently stress that the limited accounting functionality of their existing solution delays effective decision making and hinders their growth ambitions. Sound familiar?

Manual processes such as billing, project/contract management and reporting using spreadsheets means spending days, sometimes weeks to gather the information you need to improve productivity. These workarounds seriously affect business efficiency, have negative impacts on staff and clients, and give your competitors the upper hand. This is where Sage Intacct for Recruitment Agencies can help…

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Real-time insight with dashboards and reporting

sage intacct for recruitment agencies

Like any business, recruiting agencies need detailed financial information and reports instantly to help make more effective, data-driven decisions. Real-time insight enables you to monitor and track profitability across the whole business.

Sage Intacct, a powerful cloud-based accounting solution is equipped with easy-to-create reports and dashboards, empowering finance leaders to take more control of their business without using spreadsheets. Its financial dashboards allow you to compare and analyse data, such as budgets vs actuals, costs by project, location, department and more, side-by-side to respond faster to change.

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Accurate billing that suits you and your clients!

Billing your clients can be prone to error and delays when done manually, especially when you have bespoke payment processes per client. You may invoice per month, per quarter, per annum or you may just invoice per project. Include the recording and billing of time and expenses and you could be in a world of pain.

With Sage Intacct for recruitment agencies you can uniquely bill each of your clients to match their requirements, you can also bill for time & expense, fixed or variable fees, per project or candidate, monthly subscriptions and more. With fully automated billing you can reduce manual errors and increase your cash-flow. You also have automated workflows and approvals built in.

To speed up billing even further you can utilise the artificial intelligence of Sage Intelligent Time for fast accurate job costings and project profitability.

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Complex consolidations? No problem for Intacct!

Attaining efficiency and clear financial insight across the whole business can be a challenge when you are operating several entities. Throw in different currencies and local tax requirements there’s the potential for miscalculations and errors.

Luckily, Sage Intacct’s highly advanced multi-dimensional database enables you to combine multiple levels of data without the need for spreadsheets or manual intervention. You can reconcile across multiple entities, currencies, projects and clients, locations, departments, and more at the click of a button.

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project management

Powerful Finance Software for project management

As a recruitment agency the management and visibility of projects and contracts is essential. Information is usually in multiple places and bringing it together can be laborious. Lacking insight can lead to project failure, so knowing the status and profitability of a project’s costs, what has been billed and what needs billing is crucial to your success.

Sage Intacct for recruitment agencies provides comprehensive control for project managers who need visibility of billable time, resources, and profitability. In addition, it provides their finance team with the information they need improve cash flow with faster invoicing.

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business unity

Bring your whole business together

Sharing information across departments is made easier with Sage Intacct. Utilising the solution’s APIs you can connect your entire business to work with the most up-to-date financial information. Whether it is linking your CRM, your HR & Payroll system or another industry solution, Sage Intacct allows you to fully integrate your business technology for effective control.

move your business to the cloud

Moving to the Cloud

Does your outdated on-premises accounting software lack the flexibility to deal with change and grow as your business grows? Are you struggling to access information whenever and wherever? Are the costs of upgrades crippling your business?

With Sage Intacct for recruitment agencies you not only have a cloud solution built to be provide flexibility and meet the challenges of a growing business, but you also gain an evergreen solution that automatically renews when a new version is released at no cost. And, as it is a true cloud solution you can access information to work from wherever you like (internet connection required).

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Sage Intacct: the easy-to-use accounting solution gives you...

Many recruitment and staffing agencies operate across multiple entities, in multiple currencies and across multiple projects, making the accounting and reporting processes more complex.

With Sage Intacct, accounting is simple, with all entities and currencies taken care of in a single screen, while reports can be configured and generated with the click of a few buttons.

Sage Intacct reduces the manual consolidation processes across your all entities minimising the chance of human error and speeding up processes such as billing and reporting.

You can also access consolidated real-time automated financial reports for your business as a whole, allowing you to see the bigger picture as well as drilling down into each individual location. Using Sage Intacct to take care of consolidations automatically, results in a faster month-end close.

With Sage Intacct you can say goodbye to those Excel spreadsheets for good!

Produce dimensional reports within the software itself and eliminate all that time spent exporting and manipulating data manually.

For any business, it is vital to be able to flag trends and identify problems. When you own a recruitment agency, that requirement is even more important.

Without clear visibility across your business, you run the risk of missing trends or errors which could in turn have a bearing on financials.

With Sage Intacct, you get total financial transparency, with the ability to spot key data patterns at a glance.

Is vendor invoice allocation causing you pain? We’ve got you covered!

Sage Intacct makes the billing process swift, simple and oh so pain-free. With a vendor invoice allocation process that takes just seconds, you can cut your billing time down drastically and focus on what matters.

Dimensional reporting features within Sage Intacct allow you to analyse profitability against projects/contracts, locations, salesperson, regions, candidate and much more.

Ever wondered which location or salesperson brings in most revenue? Need to know which customers or sectors are most profitable? Regardless the reporting requirement Sage Intacct can do it all.

Sage Intacct provides the insights required for you to carry out an improved analysis of spend, billable time and resource alignment.

Take control of your project costs, see where improvements can be made, and ensure your clients are always billed accurately and on-time.

With Sage Intacct’s insightful reports and real-time dashboards, you get instant visibility of your agency’s performance, allowing you to spot problems, progress and areas for improvement at a glance.

Make better data-driven decisions for insight-led strategy and greater business growth.

It can be difficult to adjust your business strategy without clear visibility of how your agency is actually performing in comparison to your budget.

Sage Intacct’s clear reporting and dashboard functionality provides you with the instant understanding you need to make better-informed decisions.

Do you have multiple entities that require cross-entity billing of resources, time & expenses?

In most other systems, this scenario would require multiple transactions to be created to record the transfer of resources. But with Sage Intacct, you can take care of inter-company postings from one screen, with the click of a few buttons.

Acuity Solutions

Why Acuity?

At Acuity we understand the accounting challenges of operating a recruitment or staffing agency, having helped similar businesses to track project/contract more effectively, timely and accurately bill clients, improve the accuracy of reporting, streamline processes and increase profit.

Combining our experience and Sage accounting solutions, such as Sage Intacct we have helped facilitate the financial reporting and improvements in processes delivering real impact for their business.

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