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Sales Intacct: General Ledger Accounting Software

As a complete record of all financial transactions, your General Ledger is the bedrock of your financial department and, arguably, your entire business.

However, many companies are still relying on physical Ledgers, basic or out-of-date finance software to log their debit and credit transactions, leaving them with bulky systems that require days of work to produce income and cash flow statements and balance sheets.

Your General Ledger is vital for evaluating the profitability and financial health of your business, but without an intuitive financial management system, your business’ finances become a burden.

With multi-entity, multi-dimensional financial visibility, Sage Intacct puts power into the heart of your financial management processes.

Regain control and save hours, if not days, of precious time each month and access all the data and information you need to monitor your business and plan for the future with the click of a button.

general ledger

A powerful General Ledger unlike any other

Unlike basic business ledgers and GL software, Sage Intacct’s innovative general ledger accounting system uniquely provides the extensive visibility, scalability, and flexibility you need to thrive without limitations.

It’s the ideal GL accounting foundation for smarter, flexible accounting management.

Multi-dimensional visibility 24/7

Sage Intacct general ledger software shows you reports and dashboards across any combination of drivers and metrics.

With dimension values – pre-built, user-defined, or required – you capture the unique business context of transactions, operational measures, and budgets and see the most relevant real-time views of business performance.

Sage Intacct lets The Big 10 analyse financial data across locations, departments, or vendors for deeper insights.

Multi-entity and multi-currency consolidations made easy

Sage Intacct general ledger and financial management platform makes it easy to manage complex financials for multiple entities–domestically or globally.

Consolidate financials with the push of a button, automate currency conversions, and get consolidated financial statements without waiting for month-end.

Robust multi-book functionality

Sage Intacct’s general ledger software lets you see the difference between financial accounting statements in U.S. GAAP and IFRS, and on a cash basis—side by side.

User-defined books let you easily report on a tax basis or on any country-specific or industry-specific standard.

Fast and powerful multi-ledger performance

Close your books in stages for a more efficient period end.

Sage Intacct GL financial management lets you close subsidiary ledgers independently.

Meanwhile, you continue to operate business-as-usual during the close period by closing one ledger while other ledgers are still processing transactions.

Sage Intacct Quick Guide

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Automation and Productivity

cash management

See your business clearly

Increase visibility with highly flexible reporting and track performance by multiple financial accounting standards

supports multiple currencies

Support multiple currencies and entities

Grow without limits with easy multi-currency and multi-entity management

minimise data re-entry

Stay agile

Easily manage user configurations and automate your unique processes and tailored GL workflows

accelerate proceses

Accelerate closings

Increase efficiency at month-end by closing the sub-ledgers that are ready while leaving others open as needed

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