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Implementing a new accounting software system can be a transformative process for a business, improving efficiency, profitability and driving growth. But we get it can be a daunting one too…As a leading Sage Intacct Partner we’re sharing our Sage Intacct Implementation best practice in this post…


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1. Define your Objectives

Identify the current challenges and pain points in your accounting processes and determine the goals you hope to achieve through a Sage Intacct implementation. You could be aiming to:

  • Improve financial reporting accuracy
  • Streamline your Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Scale the business, at home or internationally
  • Enhance your budgeting and forecasting capabilities

Assess your processes and categorise whether they are essential, non-essential (but useful) or those you can discard due to no longer being relevant or helpful. This process will help ensure a smooth implementation and enable your Sage Intacct partner to configure the system to suit.

With your goals set and requirements noted, the Sage Intacct implementation can then be tailored to meet your unique needs.


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2. Timing & Capacity

The right timing for Sage Intacct implementation depends on your organisation’s business cycle. For example, you’ll want to avoid choosing your busiest periods or year end, when the finance team are already working at max capacity.

Schedule the go-live during your quieter season, to allow for training and testing and minimise disruption.


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3. Plan & Prepare

Data migration is a key part of the Sage Intacct implementation process, so it’s wise to conduct a full audit of your data and evaluate its quality and accuracy.

Cleanse your data, remove duplicates or outdated entries and create a data migration plan. At this stage you’ll work with your Sage Intacct partner to ensure the data migration plan is clear and smoothly implemented.

Another step in the preparation we recommend is to take advantage of the learning resources offered by your Sage partner to familiarise yourself with the Sage Intacct system.

At Acuity, we offer a wide range of resources to help customers get the most out of using their system – take a browse through our on-demand webinar series of videos for some inspiration here.

4. Clear Communication

Engaging your team and other stakeholders on what’s changing, when it’s happening and the reasons why can make a big difference to the smoothness of your Sage Intacct implementation.

Having the support of key stakeholders like heads of departments, decision makers and end-users early in the process helps everyone get the most out of the new system by understanding their specific needs and addressing any concerns.

Acuity successfully achieved the UK’s first Sage Intacct implementation – you can read more about how it went and the customer’s review below:

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Outline a clear communications strategy covering the dates and impact of each stage of the implementation, encouraging feedback throughout.

TIP! Make sure to include the benefits they will experience in their roles and throughout the wider organisation once the Sage Intacct implementation is complete, such as:

  • The hours they will save through automating manual processes.
  • Being able to focus on more enjoyable, strategic tasks instead of mundane manual tasks.
  • Having web-browser based system access to support remote working.
  • Doing their jobs easier, better and faster.
  • Having richer financial and operational insights on-demand, improving decision making and planning.

Discover how Sage Intacct is revolutionising the role of finance teams in our free 5-minute article:

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5. Customise & Configure

With a high level of flexibility and customisation options, Sage Intacct can be adapted to suit your organisation’s unique needs and requirements.

Work closely with your Sage Intacct implementation team and consultants to configure the system to align with your specific business processes.

The extensive range of Sage Intacct modules should be leveraged to suit along with Intacct’s advanced automation features, creating a solution that optimally fits the needs of the business.

Consider which business systems or third-party applications Sage Intacct needs to be integrated with to enhance efficiency and streamline workflows, such as Salesforce or payroll and include this in the plan.

Explore the powerful integration between Sage Intacct and Salesforce here.


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6. Testing & Improving

Testing your Sage Intacct implementation is essential to ensure accuracy and reliability. Comprehensive system testing needs to be carried out to identify and resolve any issues or discrepancies before going live. Validate that the data and reports Sage Intacct generates are aligned with your expectations and that they meet the objectives you set out at the start of the process.

Once live, continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of Sage Intacct by reviewing your processes, workflows and configurations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Quarterly updates will be automatically performed so you just need to stay on top of the latest release information to maximise your user experience, at Acuity we provide customers with regular updates and tips to get the best out of using Sage Intacct.



Ready for More?

Whatever stage your business is at with regards to migrating or choosing a financial management system, we get that it’s not a decision you take lightly.

Acuity have been a leading Sage Partner for 25+ years with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for customer service. We follow our Sage Intacct implementation best practices to ensure our customers experience a smooth journey towards financial management success!

Starting your Journey

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